Feb 12, 2013

Art & Places: Barong-Barong, KL

Kuala Lumpur has quite many public arts and I will try to cover as many as I can. This is another interesting looking piece of art that I want to highlight this week.

barong barong

Barong-Barong is located at ASEAN Garden, in the vicinity of Tugu Negara, Perdana Botanical Gardens, KL. Barong-Barong is a modern interpretation of old type architecture existing in the whole of ASEAN region. The artist, Jerusalino V. Araos from Philippines made Barong-Barong  from stainless steel and glass in 1987. According to Jerusalino, the structure is a combination of 1,024 joints. It is like a big Lego set that can be taken apart.

Barong-barong, in general, is a shanty housing constructed from materials that can be salvaged around an area and is built with a degree of speed. Houses being built or rebuilt (after a fire, flood, or other calamities) are also referred to as barong-barongs. In most urban poor areas, particularly those often visited by demolition crews, barong-barongs are the practical housing units; light, recyclable, and easy to build.

barong-barong (close-up)

Jerusalino died of heart attack December last year at the age of 68.


  • Memang rumah zaman dulu-dulu tak pakai paku pun kan. Tiba-tiba saya terfikir, kalaulah ada lego dalam rekabentuk kayu, boleh kanak-kanak belajar bina rumah tradisional kita. Konsep yang sama macam barong-barong ni…

    • Kan?! That is a good idea. Teach them simple basic structures.

  • skali baca…ingat kan barong2 cam a type of dance

    • silap…tuh tarian barongan rupanyer

    • dolu build rumah mmg gempak…tayah pakai paku and simen pon

      • Kan?! Amazing workmanship!

  • We need take care our health, I am so fat now must lose weight…

  • This piece is unique no go there before the garden

  • sgt berseni dan kreatif…

  • unique

  • wah… sy pun x prasan barong2 ni sblum ni… just tgok dr jauh.. so lpas ni klau dtg sini… sy nk tgok dr dkt laa.. :D

  • seems like you really love art..<3 <3

  • thanks for introducing what barong-barong is, kak emi. i never heard of it previously.

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