Feb 26, 2013

Altstadt, Heidelberg

I believe I haven’t share my experience visiting the Altstadt (Old Town), Heidelberg, Germany. Make yourself a coffee while reading this post with many interesting photos I captured for you.



Altstadt, the oldest part of Heidelberg, sits just below the Schloss. It extends along the Neckar River for a mile, with Karlstor on one end, and Bismarckplatz on the other.

Neckar River on the left, Altstadt on the right.

Altstadt is a wonderful combination of old and new buildings, narrow streets, market squares, arts, history, science, shopping, eating and relaxing.


The Hauptstraße is the main road through the Altstadt, and is where most of the shopping is located.

Hauptstraße is the main shopping street of Heidelberg. It is Europe’s longest car free zone (1.6km).

 Other points of interest that can be found in the Altstadt include the Kornmarkt, the Church of the Holy Spirit, Hotel Zum Ritter and the Old Bridge.

Above is the Kornmarkt (Corn Market) which was once used for the collection and trade of agricultural goods. Seen at the background is the Town Hall (Rathaus). Rathaus was built first in 1701 after the War of the Palatinate Succession. In 1751 Prince Elector Karl Theodor embellished the building, and then in 1886, the east building was added. In 1908, part of the Town Hall was destroyed by a fire, and so once more had to be rebuilt. The building was expanded in 1961, adding another wing as well the bell tower.

Church of the Holy Spirit (Ghost).

One of the few buildings in Heidelberg to survive the many wars during the past centuries is the Church of the Holy Spirit which stands reverently in the Marktplatz. The construction of the church was completed in 1544 since  the the foundation was laid in 1398. The church has been home to Catholics and Protestants alike throughout the centuries. In 1706 a divider separating the two denominations was put in when both wanted to have services there, and it remained until the 1930’s. The church also has remains of the tombs and epitaphs of the Palatinate electors as well as a collection of manuscripts.

Hotel Zum Ritter.

Hotel ZumRitter is located directly opposite the Church of the Holy Spirit on the Hauptstrasse. It was built in 1592, and is one of the very few buildings in Heidelberg to have survived the War of the Palatinate Succession. It is considered to be one of the most remarkable examples of the late German Renaissance period.

Prince Elector Carl Theodor built the Old Bridge in 1786. Although the fifth bridge built over the Neckar in this location, it was the first stone bridge to be constructed. The twin towers on the city side of the river were once part of the city wall, and contain dungeons used for housing criminals. In the center of these, hanging above the portcullis, is a plaque giving acknowledgement to Austrian troops who helped defend the bridge against a French attack in 1799. One of the most notable items on the bridge is the statue of a monkey holding a mirror. The legend surrounding this curious statue tells us that it symbolizes the fact that neither the city-dwellers nor the people who lived outside the city were better than the other, and that they should look over their shoulder as they cross the bridge to remember this.

I hope you enjoy reading this. I have hundreds of photos captured here and I will post more when time permits.

 Information source: Tourism Heidelberg


  • Germany is a country I’d really like to see for myself. thank you for the lovely photos. :)

    • You should visit Germany! You can travel with car on the Autobahn to get to another European countries.

  • Salam Emila…terima kasih kerana berkongsi pengalaman dan pemandangan indah di luar negara di sini :)

    • Sama-sama. Gembira dapat berkongsi.

  • The architecture is so sooo beautiful. But actually, i notice that most buildings in Europe are kinda the same…he..he..

    • Hehehe kan? Many have that Roman style.

  • So pretty pic, love the colourful beautiful building

    • Indeed. I love the feeling when looking at old buildings.

  • Germany , no go before what is the language use? I mean there

    • German language :)

  • OMG! all the pix…so pretty! ni yg buat raser nak nyanyi lagu “the sound of music” nih heheh…

    • Nana, hehe kalau macam tu kita kena pergi Austria dulu.

  • Camne nak sebut? Bestnye p sane..:-):-)

    • Sebut je oldtown. Best sangat. Rasa tak nak balik.

  • Bawak le saye p sane…. :-)

    • Jom!!

      • bawa saya juga. :D

        • Boleh. Kena panggil professor I-Shrunk-the-Kid.

  • Wow the last pic is awesome very unique design

  • If you know German language will be benefit

    • I know little bit only. Ein bischen.

      • Is good better than none.

  • Your photos are so engaging. Makes me want to visit the place. Thank you for sharing. :)

    • Thanks Niza! Glad I managed to get that feeling out of you. Do visit Heidelberg, you will fall in love with the place.

  • akak barum pergi ke ne.. seronoknya

    • Ini last year August. Dah post overall visit tapi yang ni post tentang public art yang akak jumpa kat sana. Banyak topik yang boleh diceritakan semasa kembara.

  • wow.

  • Bestnya kalau dapat pergi, menyingkap sejarah Adolf Hitler.

    • Tu la. Kena pergi Berlin pulak.

  • Banyak inspirasi-inspirasi dari bangunan sana kan.

    • Betul tu.

  • bangunan di sana memang dibina dengan cantik, indah. Buat saya rasa macam nak duduk sana je.

    • Architecture mereka very detailed.

  • Akak dah pergi Vietnam? Saya teringin nak tengok monumen-tower batu bata merah bersejarah di sana.

    • Belum. Jom pergi nak?

  • I like the hotel colour is it natural colour? They colour it brown?

    • I think they use redstone.

  • Menarik tempat ni. Dapat tengok gambar pun jadilah. Nak pergi tak tercapai oleh kaki… :D

    • Memang menarik empat ni, Hamdan.

  • Jauh perjalanan luas pemandangan. Bila berada di tempat orang, mmg perasaan tu lain kan.. Seronok, teruja … banyak pengalaman…

    • Betul2!

  • the quality of photos all nice..
    sis.. what camera did u used..
    hope my dream to go to germany will come true.. :D

    • Insyallah jaja :)

  • Kak emila, cantik sgt warna bangunan…

  • agaknya movie2 yg ala2 zaman dulu buat setting kat sini kot. historic!

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