Book discussion with Pak Samad

Even if one of my resolutions is not to take any more commission job, but I can never say no to Pak Samad. I’ve been doing his book designing and typesetting since 2004 (under Wira Bukit Sdn Bhd) and he had grown to be quite comfortable with my style. The latest soon-to-be-published book was supposed to be done by other designer (as I am quite busy this year) but he was not quite please with it and wants me to design it along with 2 other books.

So yes, continuing to design for him.

Datuk A. Samad Said
Pak Samad does not drink coffee; so it’s either hot chocolate or tea. He gave me the marshmellows. Dome, KLCC.

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Vote for me and my friends too in MITBCA

As you all know, I blogged about this last week to seek your help for votes. I have gained 447 to date. Thank you so much for the overwhelming response. I am truly thankful for the time you spent to login and vote.


The voting will end 22nd February and you can still vote if you like. One FB account for one vote per category.

How to vote?
1. Go to MITBCA website
2. Login with Facebook
3. Look for Tourism Lifestyle Blog category
4. Look for
5. Click vote button and button will turn to red.

My friends are also in the running to win awards, so if you could click on other categories as well, that will be great! Here are the list:

1. or in Tourism Photography / Art Blog
2. in Micro Blogger of the Year
3. or in Tourism Blog of the Year
4. or in Social Media Tourism Blog of the year
5. in Expat MM2H Blog
6. or in Tourism Cultural Blog

Thank you so much for your time and votes!


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Malay Princesses

Moving on to a much interesting project: Puteri-Puteri Melayu—my next book. Am going to illustrate 8 Malay princesses and the first one will be this; Cik Siti Wan Kembang, the warrior princess. My publisher has compiled the text and I just need to do some research on the clothing and illustrate.


History has it that Princess Cik Siti Wan Kembang’s father was the Ruler in an area that is now known as the state of Kelantan. Her father was Raja Ahmad and her mother Cik Banun, both from royal lineage. However, Raja Ahmad died when Princess Cik Siti Wan Kembang was only four years old. Raja Hussein from Johore was appointed as regent to rule Kelantan.

Longer stories on my upcoming book. Stay tuned!

P/S My Mother’s Kitchen (MMK) picture book is 90% done and I just got the edited text from the editor. Hope MMK and Malay Princesses will be ready before I leave for Abu Dhabi International Bookfair so that I have more picture books to showcase. 😉


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