PunchTab Rewards

I now have PunchTab system on my blog and that means you get to participate in the reward program.

Look at the bottom of my blog, there’s a PunchTab sharing bar.Β To get more points, go to any post and click the tweet or G+1 button, you’ll get more points there. But the limit Β is 1 time per day only for each platform. So you have to come back the next day and login to FB Β to get more points.

For the time being, default rewards are e-gift cards from Groupon.com, Restaurant.com, Starbucks and Target.com and Amazon.com provided by Punchtab. I hope to find sponsors to get to the Giveaway Program soon.


I am happy to install Punchtab as it will make more easier to reward my loyal readers. You can check your points by clicking the small Leaderboard Button on the bar. Click on the Catalog button to see the prize. And oh, I am the highest on the leaderboard! Haha. That is just for testing but I could use an egift card myself. I am my most loyal reader heheheheheh

So yeah, that’s it. Thanks for visiting and happy clicking!



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