Jan 21, 2013

Illustrations done for MMK

Done all illustrations for my book; My Mother’s Kitchen. Now in the process of scanning and making the layout.

spread 3 of MMK


  • Salam Emila…seperti biasa, memang cantik :)

    • Salam UH. Terima kasih :)

  • Aaaaa dah siap ke? Bestnya… harap saya pn sempat

    • Yes, you can do it! Kak Em nanti hantar by hand je.

  • Is this the next book your going to make? :)

    • Yes dear. I am going to submit this for a contest and hope I win so that they can publish it. :)

  • oh, ok. :)

  • kari! nyum2 :)

    • I love fish curry! Yum yum!

      • i prefer chicken curry..whatever it is, mom’s curry always the best! :)

        • My mom loves my fish curry. We hardly make chicken curry. She loves the mutton dry curry too. Very true, mom’s curry always the best!

          • dah lama tak mkn mom’s curry.. rindu pulak.. mmg lain dari beli kat kedai..

  • Dear Em,

    Your drawings are lovely! Any chance of making them into note books too?

    • I can make some :) Nanti kalau dah ada, I will buzz about it, ok.

  • Good luck dearie.. so cute the kitty on the chair.. kinda like Awal.. so cute and cuddly

    • Looking at all the ingredients.. i feel like cooking curry now.. hahaha

      • Hahah! Teringin nak makan kari kambing kering, best! Dah lama tak makan daging ni. Asyik makan ikan je.

    • Thank you. Tak jadi masuk contest, going to let my previous publisher publish this book je.

  • Cantiknya :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • adik comel kecil2 dah pandai tlg mak masak.. bagus sgt <3

  • adik pegang pisau terbalik tu, meh kakak ajar adik masak hihihih (kakak pun pegang pisau terbalik sama) :D

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