My 2013 travel plans

Love to travel, but feeling too pinched by your ever-troubled economy to travel? In this economy, you want the most value for every Ringgit you will spend whether that means getting the cheapest budget room available or the best travel deals.

You can still find good travel deals if you know where to look.  With every little bit of helps, there are some great travel deals to be found online.  All you need is a laptop, internet connection and an online banking account (or debit/credit card). Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to your dream destinations.

If you want to travel in Malaysia or to the South East Asia travel destinations, consider taking a look at Groupon Malaysia travel deals. I always look at Groupon Malaysia getaway deals as most of the times the discounts will be up to 70%! Groupon Malaysia offers so much cool stuff to do and where to go. The deals are usually to upscale resorts or hotels. In addition to the popular vacation destinations in Malaysia like Sarawak, Langkawi, Kota Tinggi Johor, you can expect deals to popular South East Asia destinations like Krabi, Siem Reap, and Phuket. It is all a click away to your preferred destinations and for much less money.

I got two free flight tickets to Bali and one to Bangkok with compliments by a local airline company but have yet to do the arrangement as I have been busy doing some paintings. I might have to postpone it to early next year. I am taking my husband and son to Bali but will be travelling solo to Bangkok. I am also planning to revisit Penang and already found a hotel in Penang to stay on my next vacation. My husband has always been supportive of me travelling as he knows that I will learn something new and get some inspirations to come up with my next paintings. And for that he always encourages me to look for best travel package.

It’s time to take benefit of what this world has to offer. With Groupon Malaysia vouchers, it’s that simple; click buy now, book, print voucher, travel and claim.

venice window
A watercolor painting by me based on my own experience travelling to Venice, Italy.

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    1. Oooh….must be a pretty girl! I love Venice, the place is so romantic. And I could just walk, walk and walk and take pictures of windows for my drawing reference.

      1. Hi Kak Emila. She’s just a typical european in white skin, but must be very beautiful
        from my malay eyes. I always visit groupon, but never bothered for travel offer! There’s a
        blindspot in my mind. Anyway, I’ll check. Terima kasih!

        1. Hi Asyraf. I like to admire people too. I also have a collection of people on the street from my travels. Check Groupon, you will find a lot of good deals.

    1. Hehhe. Thought of going this year but budget bursts la haha. So keeping the tickets for next year. I saw good deals for hotel in Bali and Bango. Going to get it when I have the travel dates nanti.

  1. Have fun and all the best for your next year travel plan! I only have 2 plan je currently, Bangkok in March and Train trip to cover Southern of Thailand in May. Insya Allah.

  2. i love travelling too.. hehe
    backpacker style..
    sis.. why dont u try travel to south east asia by train from kl..
    u can go to all over tha places in thailand, laos, cambodia, myanmar..

    i’ve tried from kl to hatyai by train.. not bad..

    this man had done it..

    1. nanti nak try buat mcm jaja la.. backpacker style! 😉
      oh, baru tau blh pegi sampai ke Laos, Cambodia & Myanmar by train o.O
      that is awesome! tapi masa lapang dan cuti tak berapa nak ada.. -_-“

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