Tenyok Rimba Community Resort, Long Bedian

Tenyok Rimba Community Resort, Long Bedian in Apoh, Miri, Sarawak boasts many wonderful waterfalls and several that are quite spectacular.

With media team; from left – Alice, Samsul, yours truly, Roland (tour guide), Cath, Nancy and Faiz.

There are 7 waterfalls in the vicinity of Tenyok Community Forest namely Nyang Fall, Dancing Fall, Sang Fall, Hornbill Fall, Ba-O Fall, Ipul Fall and Nawan Fall. I get to see 2 of them Nyang Waterfal and Nawan Fall.

Nyang Fall.

From Nyang Fall, it’s about 15 minutes drive half way up the White Cliff to Nawan Fall and a 20-minute hike through the forest. Nawan is beautiful!

Nawan Fall.

The powerful and dramatic rush of  the fall produces great deal of mist before the wind blew the mist away enough that I could see them. See my video to see the blown away mist.

The Tenyok Rimba Community Resort is great for those who love nature. Located about 10km from Long Bedian village, the resort offers an amazing view to visitors. It is one of nature’s heritage located in the natural forest on the upper reaches of Sungai Tenyok in the District of Baram. With an area of about 2,400 hectares, the resort is rich in the flora and fauna species.

Shorea macrophylla.  A dipterocarp species which is locally known as Engkabang. 

Ara (Ficus sp) has a potassium content.

Tarap fruit, closely related to jackfruit.

History has it that the area around Sungai Tenyok used to be a logging area in mid 1980s as it was rich with a variety of high quality timber. However, the intense logging activity had resulted in an imbalance in the local ecology, geology and hydrology. In addition, the uncontrolled widespread tree felling had almost resulted in the extinction of various flora and fauna such as animals, birds and other forms of wildlife. In fact, the quality of river was also badly affected. The residents of Long Bedian took steps to preserve the beauty of its flora and fauna and converted the area into a resort. The Tenyok Rimba Community Resort has several chalets and a cafe. The chalets are owned by individuals (they use their own money to build the chalets) and managed by the JKKK Long Bedian.

Here are pictures of the resort:

 To get here, contact the KJBMB Long Bedian:
Jok Eng Jok 013-8305962
Ding Laing Jok 012-8556118
Ulau Wan 019-4838311



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  1. that engkabang!!!.. dah lama x kutip engkabang.. the process untuk kopek kulit engkabang jenis yg besar adalah amat mencabar..hahaha.. pastu nak keringkan lagi..

    1. OK, please call one of the person in charge of promoting the place:

      KJBMB Long Bedian:
      Jok Eng Jok 013-8305962
      Ding Laing Jok 012-8556118
      Ulau Wan 019-4838311

      They will arrange to pick you up from Miri town. Sewa pick-up truck is RM450, one way. Boleh muat 4 orang. 3-4 jam perjalanan, tetapi bergantung kepada keadaan cuaca. Kalau hujan the night before, mungkin perlahan sedikit sebab jalan lecah dan licin.

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