i-City, Shah Alam

My son, Yassin, had been restless at home since school holiday started; he read books, played Lego, scaled the house like Spiderman and did everything to keep himself busy. He wanted to go somewhere for the holiday but as I was busy with work and travel assignment, I told him to wait. My husband was busy with work as well. So after I got back from Sarawak, I took him and his cousin sister to visit i-City in Shah Alam as we had never been here.

i-City is a unique theme park where all the main attractions are made of plastic and millions of bright LED lights. It boasts a City of Digital Lights, Outdoor Fun Park and Snowalk. We visited the Snowalk first as Yassin could not wait to get his hands on the snow. After paying RM100 (RM35 for an adult; RM30 for a kid), we went inside the snow house. Yassin was thrilled to touch his first ‘snow’.

Covering a total of 4645 square meters of Arctic environment below 5 degrees Celsius, attractions around Snowalk include 100 tons of ice sculptures that were shaped by a team of 30 ice sculptors from Harbin, China.

We stayed for about half an hour before running out from the cold house to find something to warm us! We were only given free jackets to go in. Gloves, cap and earmuffs have to be rented. I was not keen to pay more for the extra stuff, so yeah, we were numbs all-over.

After warming ourselves with hot drinks, we explore the City of Digital Lights and Outdoor Fun Park. There are LED-made trees, flamingos, giraffe, cherry blossoms surrounding the park. Other than that, there’s Ferris Wheel, pirate ship and also some kiddy rides like merry-go-round and slow car. There are also some stalls selling gifts, toys, drinks and food.

Yassin had a great fun and hoping to come again soon. But to me, as I was discussing with my 17 year-old niece, the place did not turned out to be as what we expected. It could be better. Anyway, for photography enthusiasts, this is a good place to experiment and test knowledge about lightings.

Here are some useful information about i-City:

D-1-G, Jalan Multimedia 7/AJ, CityPark, i-City (along Federal Highway), 40000 Shah Alam, Malaysia.
(GPS: 3.064753, 101.485391)

Operations Hours:
City of Digital Lights: 7pm – 4am daily
Outdoor Park Rides: 6pm – 12am daily
Snowalk : 10am – 12am daily

Price Guidelines:
City of Digital Lights – Free
Outdoor Park Rides: RM5 to RM10 per pax
Snowalk: RM30 (kid) to RM35 (Adult)

Mon – Sun (6pm – 6am): RM10/per entry

How to get there:
Bus: From KL take RapidKL U80 to Shah Alam bus station, then switch to U605 to get to i-City
KTM Commuter: From KL take the KTM train to Padang Jawa station, then catch a taxi to i-City.


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  1. I’m sure he was happy to go here, love the giraffe…wonder how cold it is.. but kalau me, I too won’t pay extra for ear muffs and what not… they shld give it free with the jacket! 🙂

  2. Sepertinya menarik ke I-City ini, saya jadi ingin ke sana saat saya ke KL nanti, berapa lama perjalanan dari KL dengan menggunakan Bus? dan berapa tarif bus dari KL ke I-City? 🙂

    1. Saya nggak pasti berapa tarif busnya. Tetapi Ridu boleh naiki tren, turun di Shah Alam dan ambil bus dari sana. Saya kira ianya hanya beberapa Ringgit.

  3. dah pegi I-city 2 kali tapi tak masuk Snowalk sbb mcm mahal.. plus nak kena sewa all those jacket, gloves, ear muff bagai.. rasa mcm not worth it pulak. maybe next time bila dah kaya sikit.. hehe..

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