Children’s Literature Festival, Kuala Lumpur

I have been busy attending Children’s Literature Festival since Nov 1. The festival will be until Nov 6, 2012.

I am here to do illustration demonstration along with 19 other illustrators. Am selling books, postcards and few other little stuff.

This Children’s Literature Festival is the first of its kind organised by Kota Buku, a government-linked body newly set up this year in line with the government’s initiative to encourage the interest in reading among children and young students as well as to stimulate the growth of children’s book industry in Malaysia. I really hope that this effort will see the rising numbers of children books by local writers and illustrators. I, myself, am excited to contribute to the industry.

Having a ‘Reading Fantasia’ theme, the main objective of this festival is to be the meeting point for publishers, readers, writers and illustrators by having relevant activities, workshop, seminar and book exhibition. This festival has been going on since November 1 and will continue until November 6, 2012. There are booksellers, story-telling sessions, batik painting as well as special appearances by children’s favourite characters such as Upin and Ipin, Boboboi and Supertot.

Please bring your kids along and join in the fun! For full list of activities, please visit Kota Buku’s FB page.

 Happy to see my illustrations on the poster! Licensed with a fee 🙂


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