Planning for family holiday abroad

All the three of us, my husband, son and me never been abroad (except Singapore) as a family. Last year, I went to Cape Town and Seoul with my husband but gotta leave my son behind because he had to go to school. His grandmother offered to look after him. I won the trips and was bound to go on normal days, not school holiday. If it were school holiday, I would’ve bought another ticket for my son. When I went to Italy and Germany, I had to leave my son and my husband behind because of the same reason. Lucky, I got a very supportive husband. He offered to look after our son while I was away.

Anyway, we’re planning to go somewhere on next year during year-end school holiday. This will give us ample time to plan to book early flight tickets. The earlier, the cheaper.

And…we plan to go backpacking, no big luggages. This means, my son got to carry his own backpack. We’re planing to go Europe; starting from UK and down to Greece.

A cafe at Heidelberg. It’ll be great ifI can bring my husband and son here.

We’re planning to take the cheapest accommodation as well as transportation. And so, I am doing my homework on how to get everything cheap. And oh, this also means I have to work harder to save some travelling money. ;P

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  1. Wow, Kak Em, what a wonderful plan it is. Touring Europe? Would be a dream comes true for me… . I wish to travel and collect not only stories but recipies! Yea, that’s my dream, Kak. Please pray for me too. Moga Allah permudahkan Kak Emi sekeluarga 🙂

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