I left my heart with a dying bird at Palmengarten…


I don’t know what had gotten into me. I took pictures and left the dying pigeon to the beaks of two flesh-hungry ravens waiting to have what it seemed to be an autumn feast. I wanted to pick the pigeon up but somehow I didn’t. I left in hurry to beat the clock. In my head, ” I gotta see more of Frankfurt!”

And now, my selfishness is killing me. I thought I can hide my feeling and forget about it with all the lovely autumn pictures but I just couldn’t. Seeing pictures I captured at Palmengarten will only remind me of this. I am not sure the fate of the pigeon but I think it’s in heaven now. I hope God can forgive me for not saving it. I know it’s a cycle of life but I could’ve contributed to another cycle where the pigeon could’ve spread the rose seeds where Frankfurt’s Palmengarten would be filled with more roses.

Thought and prayers for the pigeon.

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      1. Lucky you, Kak Em! The only autumn I experienced is while watching Barney DVD – teaching the kids about the four seasons! 😀

  1. Amboi, banyaknya komen dari Puan Mazny…

    Em, the pigeon’s time has come. Don’t feel too bad about it. Just set in your mind that next time you’ll do something different.

    1. Hehe, apalah bertuan puan, uncle ni! 😛
      I was not in the mood of working today. Lagi pun, I am trying my best to win a copy of the limited edition Salina. 😉 Bila baca blog Kak Emi, tangan gatal betul nak komen (dispite of my first aim to win that book! LOL)

  2. i feel u kak emila. Pernah sekali sewaktu memandu tiba2 dari jauh nampak sekawan merpati hinggap di atas jalan. saya tak berhenti untuk bagi peluang mereka terbang dulu, hanya memperlahankan kenderaan. bila kereta dah dekat tiba2 seekor merpati berjalan ke arah kereta dan perccckkk!! tengok dari cermin sisi, kepala burung tu dah lenyek keluar otak kuning. tak berhenti sebab tak sanggup nak tengok. kejadian itu menghantui saya seketika.

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