Heidelberg Castle

Visiting Heidelberg is not complete without visiting the schloss (castle). The castle has been one of Germany’s most important cultural monuments since early 19th century.

Heidelberg Castle.

Proudly stands on the Königstuhl hillside, Heidelberger Castle dominates the skyline, looming over Altstadt; the old town. The view of the old town can be seen from the castle’s Belvedere terrace.

The castle has a history almost as old as the city itself. The first parts of the castle were constructed around 1300, but it wasn’t before Prince Elector Ruprecht III (1398 – 1410) that the castle was used as a regal residence. Until it was destroyed by lightning in 1764 leaving it permanently uninhabitable, the castle was the residence for most of the Prince Electors. In 1800, Count Charles de Graimberg began the difficult task of conserving the castle ruins.

Surrounding an inner courtyard, the castle is a combination of several buildings, highlighting a different period of German architecture;  Ruprecht Building (the oldest residential building),  Hall Building, Ottoheinrich Building, Friedrich Building and English Building.

The facade of the Friedrichsbau (Friedrich Building) is adorned with 16 elaborate statues of princes, which Friedrich IV had erected during his reign (1592-1610).

Friedrich Building.

Lion heads on the wall of Friedrich building.

Adornment on the wall of  Ottoheinrich Building.

Here are more pictures I took around the castle:

The castle’s gatehouse featuring sculptures of guardians.

Lion’s head close-up.

Johann Casimir on Friedrich building.

Ich war hier!





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    1. M = 1000, D = 500, C = 100, V = 5, 1 = 1, 1 = 1, sp sum it all up together, you will get 1607. 1607 is the year which the Friedrich building was built.

  1. Did you go there by a tour group? Is it expensive to tour Heidelberg in such a way? I bet, it must be boring to venture on your own, kan?

    1. I went with a tour, Sedunia Travel sponsored me. Hehe did the arrangement masa kat KL sebelum pergi Frankfurt. You can check them out by clicking the sidebar link.

  2. Funny, when you wrote ’16 statues of princes’… the image of tall, dark and handsome princes came across my mind.Hehe… but the details on Johann Casimir statue is really awesome. What’s with the black mark on his hands and sheild?

  3. the castles n statues must be 100 years old or above..
    that was amazing that they still can maintain for that long…
    hope will be the same for malaysia

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