A walk to Römer, Frankfurt

I arrived in Frankfurt at around 7am in the morning. I took a cab from the airport and paid 30 Euro to reach the hotel. Taking train or bus was not a good idea as I have two luggages and the one with all my merchandise sample items was the heaviest.

After taking breakfast at the hotel, I went out for a walk…Römer, in my mind. After walking about 5 minutes, I was numb all over. It was too cold and I had to turn back to the hotel to take my glove and muffler. I warmed myself up with the hair-dryer before going out again. Haha talk about an Asian in Europe. I think I will die if it’s winter.

I walked from Tourist Hotel at Baseler Street via Wisenhuttenplatz, then along Gutleutstr, to Willy-Brandt Platz, later along Weissfrauen str to Betmann-Braubachstr and to Romer. Heh, mouthful road names, I know. I took the paper road map along with me. Didn’t buy any prepaid card for 3G map hoping I would get free wi-fi along the way. But anyway, that is not happening. Wi-fi is secured and to just sit and get coffee at every café and get secured password is not my idea, I would get high on coffee. So, I just let it be. Life goes on without the Internet. Had a great time walking around Romer taking pictures and draw.

Later from the Dom, I walked via Fahrgasse along Saalgasse Weckmarkt to Pfarturm and to the main road of Untermainkai. This is where the River Main is.

I’ll cover Romer and other buildings and the river in other posts. Here are pictures from my walk.

A building at Wisenhuttenplatz

A park at Wisenhuttenplatz


A fountain at Willy-Brandt Platz

Willy-Brandt Platz

Street direction

Not sure what this is about

Steigenberger hotel at Am Kaiserplatz

I’ve taken lots of windows photos, this is one.

Advertising werks!

Coffee Fellows


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