Temerloh Esplanade, Pahang

I re-visited Temerloh town after such a long time. The last time was when I was a little girl visiting my sick Aki at Temerloh Hospital. Both my father and late grandfather was born in Kg Awah, Temerloh. I haven’t been here for such a long time mostly because my parents got divorced and my siblings and I were left in the custody of my mother.

Temerloh has been going under a lot of development. One of it includes Esplanade Temerloh situated by the Pahang River, Temerloh. My family and I dropped by the waterfront to check out the longest river (459 km in length) in Peninsular Malaysia, Pahang River.

The esplanade platform is nicely cemented and is equipped with orange-shaped seats for visitors to enjoy the river view. There is also a shaded area with seats. I think the platform floor looks quite interesting with Patin-shaped tiles. Patin is synonymous with Temerloh as Temerloh has been rebranded as Bandar Ikan Patin, which literally means Patin Fish Town. Patin ( Pangasius sp.) is a type of freshwater catfish found in the Pahang River. Patin is said to have juicy taste and is popular as local food; especially gulai tempoyak. I, however, do not like eating this fish. I tried but I just couldn’t get it down my throat.

In the vicinity of esplanade, there is also a food court as well as food stalls along the road. There is also a suspension bridge across the river.

The suspension bridge is named Kuala Semantan Suspension Bridge (Jambatan Gantung Kuala Semantan). Built in February 2011, this bridge connects the esplanade (Tower A) with Patin Square (Tower B) and 5 people are allowed at one go. The bridge measures at 86m in length and 40.22m above sea level.

Here are some pictures from the bridge:

Apart from the bridge, activities here include boating. I am not sure of the rate as we did not take the ride. We wanted to but the boat operator said he had wrapped for the day and was heading home.

I love it here for the old big trees along the road. Yay tree!

Here’s a Google map of Temerloh Esplanade.

Click to enlarge. Or search Google maps Malaysia for Temerloh Esplanade.

 *Gulai tempoyak – a gravy made from fermented durian.

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  1. I am like you… can’t really swallow ikan patin. In fact, I have difficulty in eating river fishes.

    Seems like a nice place that esplanade. I was in Temerloh early last year but did not spot it. But I did travel upstream and reached Gunung Senyum. Beautiful place too but a bit spooky…

  2. i’ve been to this place few times… kat sini paling meriah bila time xpdc berakit sg pahang, biasanyer sini la starting point nyer… kak emi u shud cover dis event tau.. every year ada, thn ni rasanyer dh lps kot..

  3. Ohhh.. saya suka juga ikan patin samada goreng atau masak tempoyak. Tapi untuk buat lebih eksklusif, saya akan makan jika saya ke Pahang je. Kalau jual di kedai makan kawasan sekitar ni, tak ambil pun 🙂

    Begitu juga dengan asam pedas ikan pari, saya lebih suka makan bila saya ke Melaka je. Dan saya masih teringat sedapnya masak lemak cili api di Negeri Sembilan…

    Mindset… (^_^) Sedangkan sekarang resepi tempatan dah menjelajah ke seluruh pelusuk negara. Merata dah ada. Tapi saya tetap percaya, resepi di negeri asal adalah yang terbaik hehe

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