National Botanical Garden Shah Alam

National Botanical Garden Shah Alam (Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam) or previously known as Taman Pertanian Bukit Cherakah is a place where you can take your family for the weekend or school holiday or public holiday. You must take more than a day or so to explore the place. I’ve been here twice (2008 and 2011) with my family and frankly, we haven’t done exploring the park. Covering an area of 817 hectares, this agro-forestry park boasts Animal Park, Ornamental Garden, 4 Seasons Temperate House, Spices & Beverages Garden, Cactus Garden, Tropical Fruit Garden not to mention dams and lakes as well as a village and chalets.

On both visits, we got to cover animal park, paddy field, tropical fruit gardens, cactus garden, lakes, some trails and Kampung Idaman.

Selected animals and birds are displayed here at this 72-hectare Animal Park.  We were allowed to touch and feed some of the animals and learn to care for them. When I showed this picture to my son Yassin, he could not really remember visiting the animals as he was 4 back then. A reason that I should take him again soon to see the animals.

After visiting the animal park, we went on a hiking trail. It was great surrounded by trees, trees and more trees!

Visiting lakes which is extremely rich with dragonflies and waterlilies was equally great! You know how I love these two subjects and taking pictures of both was exciting. Here are some selected pictures from my archive that I captured around Lake C, or Pool C.

And these are some pictures taken near the Kayak Lake.

I have hundreds of pictures taken around National Botanical Garden Shah Alam and if I were to show more, I am afraid that this blog will load very slowly. Furthermore, I want you to go and experience this botanical garden that has now become one of the nation’s most popular parks, with live demonstrations, dynamic permanent displays, cultural exhibits, recreational facilities, accommodation, picnic areas, open-air amphitheatres, nature trails, public amenities and numerous educational opportunities. So, if you are day-trippers, tourists, campers, anglers, naturalists, birders, families, excursion groups, hikers, school children, university students, research scientists, farmers, agriculturalists and nature-lovers, this is a place where you want to be.

One exciting way to explore this botanical garden is to rent bicycle. My family and I did that during our 2nd visit here. We love it so much, even though I was catching my breath like crazy. If you are not into cycling, worry not. You can walk and also take the bus provided by the management to go from one area to another. But you must wait at dedicated bus-stops, else the bus won’t stop for you.

I am planning my next trip to this place to visit the Four Seasons Temperate House. It is now ‘fall season’ there. Here are some useful information that I want to share with you if you are planning to visit National Botanical Garden Shah Alam too:

Operating hours:
8am – 5pm (Tuesday – Sunday) The park is closed every Monday except public and school holidays.

Information and booking:
603-5510 6922/5510 7048

Entrance fee:
Adult ticket (12 – 54 years) – RM 3.00
Children ticket (6 – 11 years) – RM 1.00
Senior citizens (55 years and above) – RM 1.00
Visitors aged 6 years and below, orphanage and the Disabled – Free Entry

Other fees:

Bicycle rental
RM3 for first hour, RM1 subsequently
(available from 8.30am to 4.30pm)

Four Seasons Temperate House
Adult ticket (12 years and above) – RM 3.00
Children ticket (4 – 11 years) – RM 1.00
Visitors aged 4 years and below and the Disabled – Free entry

Kg Idaman Accommodation (11 Unit)
Weekdays – RM 80.00
Weekends/holidays – RM 100.00

A Frame Accommodation (20 Unit)
Weekdays and weekends/holidays – RM 20.00

 Have fun planning your trip to National Botanical Garden Shah Alam. Peace!




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  1. salam kak emi… at first bila bace tajuk.. i was like.. hmm i’ve been to shah alam hundreds of times… tatau plak ada National Botanical Garden Shah Alam…. rupe2 nyer… new name for bukit cherakah… hehe… how ignorant i nih ye…thnx for d info…sgt2 informative…

    1. same here! tatau pon yg dah tukar nama! bila sebut botanicl garden salu ingat yg kat putrajaya je..
      been to taman cahaya seri alam bukit cherakah 2 times before.. laaaama sangat,, masa awal2 bukak dulu, pastu masa dah tak berapa ada org… masa dtg 2nd time macam sedih tgk keadaan mcm terbiar… good tht dorang dah start baikpulih… sekeliling semua dah naik housing so hope dorang remain la taman ni… will go there again lah ajak anak2 plak.. thanks for the info kak emila..

      1. OK, no problem. Masa I pergi last year tu dah tukar nama. Signboards di jalanraya pun dah bertukar dari Taman Pertanian Bukit Cerakah ke Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam.

  2. This is one place that I would really like to visit. Tapi masih tak berkelapangan nak pergi. Looking at all the photos you took, I really must make the effort one day… maybe after I got budget to buy the zoom lens la…

    1. Bang Fadhil memang kena pergi ke sini. Stay for the night pun ok. You will love taking photos of the flora and fauna. Tak apa bang, dragonflies dan waterlilies ni duduk kat tepi-tepi tasik je.

    1. saya salu naik bas jek.. jalan kaki kejap dah pancit.. apatah lagi naik beskal hihihi.. tapi masih byk monyet kah… sbb masa pegi 2nd time tu… nk mkn kat meja2 tepi jln pun x aman sbb ada monyet usha hehehe .. now dah ok kot :p

  3. Betul lah K.Em, bila bawak anak-anak kecil jalan-jalan, kena simpan gambar. Bila mereka dah besar, kena bawa lagi untuk imbas kenangan 🙂 Rasanya kali pertama dan terakhir saya ke Bukit Cerakah masa rombongan sekolah darjah 6 dulu.. lama tuuuuu..

  4. Anak saya baru pergi 20/9/2012 yg lepas, ikut rombongan sekolah. Ada la dia ambil gambar2 pokok2 bunga dan tumbuhan2an lain. Saya pun dah lama tak pergi.

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