Zombie Outbreak at Sunway Lagoon!!!

Almost! I almost faint in fear!! I just happened to be at Sunway Lagoon when I saw a group of zombies terrorising the area! I was speechless and paralysed and before I could blink my eyes, those horrifically maladjusted misfits, or at least what is left of them, kidnapped two visitors!! The horrific scene happened so fast, and in my mind the sound of Michael Jackson’s Thriller played over and over again…”you try to scream but terror takes the sound before you make it, you start to freeze as horror looks you right between the eyes, you’re paralysed…”

Little did I know, I was actually at a Zombie Outbreak quarantine area… no wonder, zombies ran amok!

I ran inside a building only to find more zombies. Armed only with a camera, all I could do was steal some shots while tip-toeing in fear, looking for a safe place and hope for the best.

When I was about to find my way out, a zombie got me and everything went blank…

Relax. It was just a media experience of Horrorwood Studios 2 – Zombie Apocalypse launched yesterday night at Scream Park, Sunway Lagoon. Did I fooled you there? I was invited to experience the ‘outbreak’ and boy, I really screamed my heart out and today, while writing this, I lost my voice. I hope to recover it back soon.

Speaking at the launch yesterday, Mr H. C. Chan, CEO of Sunway Shopping Malls and Theme Parks, told guests and media that Horrorwood Studio 2 – The Zombie Apocalypse is the latest phase expansion at Lynton V Harris’  Scream Park @ Sunway Lagoon.  The ‘new shipment’ of zombies will join other hair-raising characters from cinematic staples from the horror genre like Friday the 13th, Saw, Scream, Nightmare on Elmstreet and Alien. Other chill experience here includes local entities like Pontianak, Penanggal and Hantu Pocong.

Mr H. C. Chan was the one who ‘released’ all the zombies.

3D ghost. I was given a pair of 3D glasses to experience the full effect.

Horrorwood Studios 2 – Zombie Apocalypse boasts three floors of fear as visitors can expect to get closer with live action zombies and other entities which haunt the darkest recesses of our minds.

Speaking through a webcast which was aired during this launching, the creator of Scream Park, Lynton V Harris told us that while every culture has their dark entities which invoke terror, the thought of the dead re-animating is a universal anomaly that causes unease. He feels that the time has come when people can experience the reality where the undead roam amongst us.

If you wish to visit Lynton V Harris’  Scream Park @ Sunway Lagoon, you have to get the package rate for all parks (Water Park, Amusement Park, Wildlife Park, Extreme Park & Scream Park).

Admission Fee:
Normal Rates: RM100 for an adult | RM80 for a child/senior citizen
25% Off with MyKad:  RM75 for an adult | RM60 for a child/senior citizen

Operating hours:
Sunway Lagoon operates from 11am- 6pm on Monday, Wednesday throughout Sunday. Not operating on Tuesday. During public holiday and school holiday, it starts an hour early.

For more information, do visit Sunway Lagoon website.

And oh, Jason Voorhees says “hello”.

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