A visit to Deerland Park, Lanchang, Pahang

Frankly, I did not know a deer farm known as Deerland Park existed in Lanchang, Pahang. I discovered the place by chance.

My family and I, with a plan to visit Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary, reached Lanchang at about 10am, Sunday, from Temerloh. We stopped by a restaurant somewhere in Kampung Chempaka Kanan to take our late breakfast and later bought some bottled water from grocery shop next door. The taukeh asked me whether I was going to visit the elephants. I said yes and he told me that the activities only start at 2pm. Since it was only 11am, he told me to visit Deerland Park and that the signs would lead me there. I thanked him for the information and told my husband about it. So, we followed the sign and found the place. When we parked, I saw a van full of tourists visiting the same place. I was a bit ashamed of myself; well, who wouldn’t? They came with a plan to visit the place while I, a Malaysian living in Malaysia, just discovered the place by chance. But I guess that is a good sign that tourists are given good information of where to go and what to visit.

We paid RM16 in total; RM12 for 2 adults, RM4 for a kid. We were given entry stickers (to stick on shirt) and a coupon for deer food. My son was really excited to feed the deers. At the enclosure, we exchanged the coupon and get two small baskets of deer food and fed the Javan Rusa deers. It was fun but deers can be quite aggressive sometimes. My purple shirt got chewed by a deer, probably mistaken me for purple sweet potato.

My son feeding Javan Rusa deer. 

Javan Rusa deers are principly found in deciduous forests, plantations and grasslands in the islands of Southeast Asia. Javan Rusa lives between 15 to 20 years and rarely do they live for more than 20 years.

The deer enclosure here at Deerland park is quite big to allow deers to move about freely. The front area of the enclosure is for visitors to feed deers while surrounding area is very much a forest.

Other than Javan Rusa deers, we got to see Sika deers and a mouse deer.

Sika deers are native to much of East Asia and introduced to various other parts of the world. Spot patterns vary with region. 

Greater mouse-deers are found in Sumatra, Borneo and smaller Malaysian and Indonesian islands, and in southern Myanmar, southern Thailand and peninsular Malaysia. They live near water, in tropical forests and mangrove thickets. They are terrestrial, but spend a lot of time in wet, swampy areas.

Deerland Park is a great place to visit. A trip to this petting park is an opportunity for animal lovers to get up-close and personal with deers as well as a variety of animals such as Golden Pheasant, Bengal Cat, Rabbits, Parakeets, Phytons and few others. I’ll cover this on another post.

Deerland Park opens daily (except Friday) from 10.30 am to 5.30pm. To get here from Kuala Lumpur, take the Karak Highway to Lanchang, passing Karak along the way. Once in Lanchang, turn left into the road just before the BP gas station, then follow the road signs that show the way to Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary. You will reach a junction where you can see a Deerland( 2km) road sign on your right.


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  1. Saya dah pernah sampai. Mmg sangat menarik. Utk tambahan maklumat, Deerland bukan setakat ada rusa sahaja… ada macam-macam binatang lain..beruang pun ada. Pelbagai jenis burung, arnab, ular dan lain-lain. Lebih seronok sebab Deerland ni mesra pengunjung berbanding zoo. Kita boleh beri makan sendiri pada rusa dan burung. Malah untuk beruang juga. Boleh pegang ular dengan pengawasan. Terbaik!

    1. Ada Kak Em mention kat bawah tu, nak cover binatang lain kat post lain sebab yang ni khusus untuk rusa sahaja. Beruang dah tak ada, Syuq. Mereka dah pulangkan pada Perhilitan.

      1. Ohhh.. maaf ye, tak perasaan pula 🙂 Seronok sangat tengok gambar. Ohh, dah tak ada rupanya. Dulu ada beruang hitam yang sangat besar kat sana. Suami saya berpeluang bagi beruang makan. Saya ngeri sikit nak dekat.

          1. ye ke..ni yang tak sedap didengar ni 🙁 sayang lah macam tu, beruang tu daya tarikan juga. Harap ia dilayan lebih baik sekarang….

  2. I have heard of the Kuala Gandah Elephant sanctuary but never had the chance to visit yet. Now we know there is also a deer park neaby. Thanks for the info, Emila.

  3. I’ve been to Kuala Gandah Elephant sanctuary b4 n dat deerland park too… during the 2nd visit (Kuala Gandah Elephant sanctuary) the place has improved a lot.. maybe u can cover turtle sanctuary pulak kat cherating.. 🙂

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