KL Children’s Library

Yassin has been a member of KL Children’s Library since last year and the last time we went was February 2012. Since it is now school holiday, I took him and his cousin to the library to read books. They have been in front of the computer too long.

While he was reading, I drew the inside on the library. I wanted to show what it is like in the library but cannot do so as taking picture is not allowed in the library.


KL Children’s Library has quite an impressive collection of good picture and fiction books not to mention references. Other than books, this library also offers activities such as storytelling, board games and multimedia experience especially for members who are at the age between 4 to 12 years old. Do enquire the schedule of activities from the counter as activities vary from time to time.

Below is some details about the library:

How to become a member—Bring your kids MyKids or Birth Certificiate (passport for expatriate) and pay RM6. You’ll get the membership card in about an hour.

Location—No. 1, Jalan Raja, Kuala Lumpur (near the Merdeka Square, just opposite Royal Selangor Club)


Contact—Telephone: 03-26123514 | e-mail: pkl@dbkl.gov.my

Operating time
Monday : 2.00pm – 6.45pm
Tuesday to Friday: 10.00am – 6.45pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10.00am – 5.00pm
Public Holiday /First weekend: Close

I totally recommend this library. Unlike the children section at National Library, this library is more quieter and more organised. Bear in mind that the librarians are quite strict here but I think this is a good effort to discipline our kids as library is meant to be a reading place and not a place to run or make noise.

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        1. Who don’t you open a blog? Can get the help from your sister or mother. You can blog about your favourite books, book reviews, your paintings…etc

  1. Saya paling suka lihat lukisan k.em. Walaupun tak boleh guna kamera, masih dapat buat gambaran. Teringin nak cuba buat perkara yang sama (^_^)

      1. Ok set!! Sebenarnya saya memang dah mula letak buku nota kecil dan pensil dalam handbag, tapi tak berpeluang nak guna lagi. Cuba lagi lepas ni 🙂

      1. menjadi kat saya juga 😀 Bila student tanye kenapa saya suka sejarah. Saya jawab :

        “Masa cikgu form6, cikgu ada masalah insomnia, susah nak tidur sampai ada mata panda..lepas tu cikgu pun ambil buku sejarah dan baca sampai tertidur termimpi2 sejarah.”

        Student cakap ” Loh, sebab itu je ke cikgu?”

              1. actually sejarah bagi effect kat hidup saya.
                effect pada keturunan saya, halatuju, seni.
                Seriously, dah jadi tanggungjawab saya:)

              1. Masa sekolah, subjek sejarah saya paling drop.. Masa diploma, subjek sejarah pernah kena repeat dan hampir menyebabkkan saya ‘extend’ 😀 Tapi saya suka sejarah, cuma masalah nak ingat fakta (esp tahun / tarikh)

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