Beautiful Surprise from VanityTrove!

Today I received a good smelling trove from Victoria! Wanna see what I got from her?

Now, let’s unveil what’s inside my trove:

I got Kao Essential Damage-Care Nuance Airy Shampoo, Kao Essential Damage-Care Rich Premier Shampoo, Dirty Works Bath Soak, Evanose Essencious Invisible Sunbrella UV Mist SPF 45, Ettusais BB Mineral Cream, Yadah Lip Crayon Pencil, Erabelle MIZU Therapy Mask, The Body Shop Shiso Whitening Serum (15 packets!) and Aw Boon Haw’s Act-Q-Patch.

Thanks Victoria! Loving all the beautiful surprises! (Victoria T. is a virtual beauty consultant from Vanity Trove).

Now what have I done to deserve this VanityTrove?

Here’s how it works:
1) Sign up for an account to be a member on
2) Subscribe to receive the month’s edition in advance for only RM60.
3) Receive the trove and enjoy the beautiful surprises within  it!

So, if you are looking forward to receive beautiful surprises like the above, do join the VanityTrove club. The theme for June is Best Friends Summer (like mine above) and for July it’ll be Destination: Beautiful (July’s edition ends in 3 days – hurry!).

Basically, the VanityTrove concept is simple. The experts behind Vanity Trove find the latest beauty trends and share with you in a form of VanityTrove. For only RM 60.00 each month, you will receive a surprise filled with beauty treats made for a different beauty story each month, delivered right to your doorstep. You can also buy for your mum, sister or girlfriend, just purchase the gift from VanityTrove and have it sent to their doorstep.

Enticed? Why wouldn’t you be?! Head now to VanityTrove! You can also subscribe not only monthly but quarterly, semi-anually and anually.


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