Curious about Curious Cat!

Remember that I stumbled upon the Curious Cat website few days back? I just can’t seem to get enough of him. You gotta see this:

Curious said, “Somewhere in France, Monet is very gently turning in his grave. He knows his style is being badly imitated and his masterworks corrupted by incompetent hands. If he could see this monstrosity hanging on my wall, he would stop the turning and bolt upright through six feet of earth.”

Haha…Curious is so cute.  And wait till you see Smiley, his neighbour. Smiley does not have a blog like Curious and he is currently unemployed. This laidback tomcat is the proud owner of a superbly designed pad with lovely, well-tiled floors. Smiley is adventurous, streetwise, and full of himself. When not roaming the neighbourhood or lazing around at home, he is Curious’ faithful (if rather annoying) sidekick.

See how Smiley annoyed Curious in this video. Too cute not to laugh!

And oh, I love this quotable quote by Smiley: “I adopted my human servant for a reason: her taste in furniture is just awesome.” I wonder if my kittens talk about me.

Yesterday, one of them littered on the doormat and when I asked who did it, nobody wants to admit. They neither say yes or no and gave me the “it-wasn’t-me” look. Haha silly, right? But if you own a cat, you know this is normal. I just hope my kittens don’t complain about my choice of carpets and tiles behind my back.

Can’t wait for Curious Cat’s next update.

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May 2012 Top 3 Commenters

Thank you so much for those who have commented and participated in the May Top 3 giveaways.

Congrats to Marvic, Azah and Soulie for being my Top 3! Each of you will receive a set of 20 limited editions postcards drawn by me. Please e-mail me your home address. 😉

Stay tuned for my June giveaway announcement.

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