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Alhamdulillah. This blog finally gained its first real award; the Malaysia International Tourism Lifestyle Blog. Thanks to Affan Ruslan, writer of Critical Angle, for the heads up and for believing that I can win this. Before I choose the category (yes, I nominated myself), I read through the criteria for all 16 categories and concluded that Lifestyle blog is the best category that I can submit my blog. The criteria stated “Lifestyle is an important aspect when it comes to tourism. Lifestyle bloggers are the ones who attract readers all around the world. Bloggers talking about Malaysian lifestyle are eligible to participate.” So…I am confident that I had choose the right category.

My blog actually falls under the category of ‘mixed bag’ but I do have quite an amount of travel posts covering some parts of Malaysia and countries that I visited. Overall travels posts in my blog accumulated to 207 posts while Malaysia 118 posts out of total 2084 overall posts of my blog. Other posts are about my illustrations, books and miscellaneous stuff; the lifestyle that I am living here in Malaysia.

There was a number of 77 posts in Mas Traveller’s website of which some I haven’t posted in this blog but sadly, the web is no longer operating and I regret that I was not informed about it. If I had known, I would’ve transferred everything into this blog.  Same goes to the Yahoo! Special page meant for 3 top bloggers who won the iMasTravel contest, Yuven, Ti Ming and myself. I have some 30 posts in there. Anyway, I guess I have to re-write again. But I thank MAS and Yahoo! SEA for giving me the opportunity to write in Mas Traveller and Yahoo! iMasTravel respectively. Also thankful that from the website, a well-known travel blogger discovered me and invited me to write for a new travel website that he is setting up with a friend. I will reveal about this once the website launches in few months.

I still have many local travel posts to be written but as I am quite busy now with book illustrations, that will come slowly and I will try to write when I have the free time. I have a plan to set up a gallery with travel pictures from 2003 – 2012 but that too will come slowly.

For now, I am currently busy setting up a company with a publisher friend to publish my books only. And trust me, this will include illustrated books for children about Malaysia. I still have an illustrated scrapbook about KL pending editing but I hope it’ll hit major bookstores soon.

Thank you so much to all who have voted this blog to win the Malaysia International Tourism Lifestyle Blog. Although some think that this blog does not has the quality and what it takes to win this award, I truly believe that major votes and professional judging counts.

Here are a snapshot of statistic of Top Countries this month, just for my record to keep me believing that although my silent readers do not lavish me with their comments, at least they leave their footprints. Not much of a traffic but yeah, keeps me going. I write for these people including you who read my blog now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



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  1. Tahniah Kak Emi…:)
    Tengok pada traffic tu jika dari luar negara ramai visitor dari US kan?
    So boleh tarik pelancong dari sana untuk datang ke Malaysia.
    bersesuaian lah dengan award tu . Lagi pulak post akak pasal tourism memang banyak. akk ceritakan pasal Malaysia in English. Ini lagi memudahkan pelancong asing yang berpotensi untuk mendapat info tentang Malaysia. Kebiasaannya Mat Salleh ni suka meneroka. Kalau mereka baca sesuatu, walaupun sikit, kekadang terdetik dihati mereka untuk explore lagi. Itu yang cenderung mereka melawat Malaysiakan?

    Award ni memang layak pun untuk akak. Sayang betul yang 77 post tu. Lepas ini kak, kalau berpeluang lagi untuk dapat percutian macam hari tu. Dan mereka nak akk blogkan di blog khas. Akk publish satu kat sana. satu lagi kat blog asal. Tapi kenapa mereka delete ya kak? sayang.

    1. Oh ya, yang special Yahoo pages pun dah tak ada. Sebab ikut contract hanya for 6 months je. Yang itu ada dalam 30 posts kot. Oh nak add fakta ni kat atas. 😀

      Thanks Sha!! Takpelah boleh tulis balik tapi slow lah.

  2. tahniah kak emi! 🙂
    Siapa kata blog akak tak sesuai untuk travel.
    akak tulis entri pasal travel best apa, gambar pun cantik sebab akak memang natural photographer yang baik, entri tak bosan macam sesetengah… hehehe.
    Biaq p la orang nak cakap apa, kita dah menang 🙂

  3. Good morning Emila! COngrats on your win, well-deserved of course and all your hard work to promote has reaped its reward, syabas and keep on blogging! :):)

  4. This blog doesn’t have the quality? Siapa lah yang cakap macam tu ye. It’s not easy to please everyone. But you did win the award…sangat hebat!! Tahniah!!!

    Seronok baca berkembangan k.Em, semakin maju ke hadapan! Semoga semuanya dipermudahkan ye. Sekadar cadangan, apa kata kata k.Em print semua post k.Em dan bukukan untuk simpanan peribadi K.Em…mesti seronok.

  5. congratulations, ms. emila!

    the moment i saw and read your blog posts, i knew right there and then that i have found another inspiration and another special blog to follow. i am one of your fans now! i love your drawings!!!
    see you in saloma theater on tuesday! 🙂

  6. Congratulations for winning this awesome award, Emila! 😀 😀 Try not to listen to what others say… people will always have bad things to say about other people especially when it’s a contest and they didn’t win 😉 Tahniah and well done. ((Hugs))

  7. Wow! congrats. I knew about toursim award too late, and i registered in the last minute, could not get enough time to promote iAwani as the tech blog in the competition.

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