Art & Places: Nobel Peace Prize Laureates statues, Cape Town

When visiting V & A Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa, one cannot miss a row of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates statues at the Nobel Square.

When my husband and I came across these four statues, we were excited to take photos. The four statues are arranged in a neat row for us to pose by, with the added bonus of Table Mountain as a backdrop–a photo opportunity not to be passed up!

The four Laureates are Albert Lithuli (1960), Desmond Tutu (1984), FW de Klerk (1993) and Nelson Mandela (1993). The larger-than-life-sized statues are casted in bronze and were the work of renowned Cape Town artist, Claudette Schreuders. These bronze statues were built to honour South Africa’s four Nobel Peace Prize Laureates for the role they played in achieving peace and democracy.

Nobel Square is situated just beside Waterfront Art Market.

My husband posing with the statues. His favourite is of course, Mr. Mandela. I tell about the giant red crates statue later in another post.

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                  1. Wahhhh.. tergugat pula dengar hadiah original ni…ingat nak cool and steady jaaa… kena start warming up nih … Marvic…tungguuuuu!

    1. Sebenarnya Kak Emi dah buat entri tentang red giant tu tapi pos kat Mas traveller. Tengok2 last month, Mas Traveller punya page dah tak ada!! Frust gila sebab banyak post travel kat situ yang Kak Emi tak publish kat sini!! Menyesal…sebab sekarang kena karang balik semula.

            1. Dear students, belajar sejarah betul-betul, okey? It’s fun because… now you could google online for more informations. And there are a lot of interesting facts and photos which are not included in your textbook! 😛 (ayat cover line lol)

    1. I’m thankful that my history teacher was a lot of fun during school days. Otherwise, I wouldn’t manage to get A.. so many facts to memorize =_=

  1. From that four Laureates, only knows about Nelson Mandela.. tapi Desmond Tutu pun mcm rings a bell.. the other 2 mcm tak tau langsung.. kesian je.. gonna google later..

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