Art & Places: Coca-cola Crateman, Cape Town

If you read my post about the Nobel Peace Prize laureates Statues at V and A Waterfront, Cape Town, you must’ve seen something interesting in the background. Something red.

Well, it caught my eyes too. It was red and gigantic, who could’ve not noticed that. What made it more interesting was the fact that it is made out of Coca-Cola crates. 4,200 crates to be exact, with an inner skeleton of scaffolding and cable ties to hold the structure.

Elliot the crateman, V and A Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa. July 2011.

This giant crateman or cratefan stands 60 feet tall and weighs a whopping 27 tons. It was built by Porky Hefer and his team for Coca-Cola to draw attention to the ever-increasing importance of recycling both cans and plastic bottles. Elliot (named after a foreman of the team who built it) was built for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.  According to a signboard there, all materials will be reused or recycled when Elliot is dismantled in 2011. But to verify whether Elliot is still in one piece, I checked with VandAWaterfront on twitter. The person-in-charge told me that Elliot will still be there throughout 2012. Don’t you love social media?!

So, if you travel to Cape Town, don’t miss the chance to ‘say’ hi to him!




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      1. banyak kraftangan pakai manik dan kulit. sangat comel… kalau sampai sana, mmg banyak lah nak beli buat kenangan. K.Em beli apa masa kat sana?

        1. Kak Emi nak buat post commission work. Ok tak kalau Kak Emi post header tu dulu kat blog Kak Emi? Boleh link kan tak or jangan lagi?

  1. sis I have got the books you send hehe.. love them. 😀 my son likes the dino book so much!! others he haven’t see yet.. origami too 😀

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