May 14, 2012

Art & Places: Beaded wire art in Cape Town

When I visited V and A Waterfront in Cape Town, wire beaded sculptures exhibited outside of the main entrance of African Trading Port captured my eyes.  They were huge,very fine and the detailings were magnificent! I wonder how long does it take and how many beads were needed to create one big sculpture. But one thing for sure, this kind of art needs tons of perseverance. It is just amazing that these wire arts are created from wire, beads, tin cans, and other recycled materials. Other than big sculpture like the above, smaller pieces of the wire art in the form of keychains, dolls, decorations, etc, can be found at the  Waterfront Craft Market.

According to this website, it is believed that this wire art originated in South Africa’s rural Northern Kwazulu-Natal. Young herd boys were the first to introduce these works of art. Designing wire creations from any recycled materials they could find, these boys produced some of the most magnificent, functioning appliances—they even built cars! Their inspirational wire creations encouraged other locals to participate in this highly marketable art form.



  • beads and wires plus recycled materials? what a cool art installation! :)

  • bahagian mana dia guna tin cans, k.em? mata ke?

    • I think so the mata. Untuk nak buat frame binatang pun boleh, basically cut the tin jadi panjang-panjang macam wire.

  • So creative. Like like like!!!

    • Thanks Aiqa!

      • Like too!

  • wow, I thought it was real !

    • Kan, Azah?! Nampak macam real.

      • tula. hebat tu buat dengan wayar2. boleh nampak real. :-O

        • Tak sakit ke tangan dia orang , kan?

          • Buat sclupture, susah

  • mesti kak emi x beli beads dr sana kan?

  • local beads mesti cantek2 belaka..

  • i am crazy about beads too

  • dan juga hasil tenunan dorg mesti cantek jugak

    • tp rega mesti exclusive jugak.. huhuhu

  • I’m quite surprise.

  • Tak tahu pun wire art is originate from SA

  • Yes, I bet they have plenty collections of beautiful beads.

  • Damn, my computer is so slow… :’(

    • really, i almost giving up lah.

  • I dont think i’m gonna win this commenting race, Kak Emi… :’(

  • By the way, SA pun ada banyak children’s stories, kan?

  • Mostly folklores…

  • Oh baru ingat, orang SA suka hias rambut dengan beads kecil-kecil.

  • Ada macam-macam pattern atas kepala. Hehe

  • Boleh beli dan buat gelang.

  • Gilrs love them to make friendship bands!

  • Mana gambar wire art dalam bentuk keychains?

  • teringin nak tengok!

  • Tapi mahal ke harga beads di sana?

  • But I was expecting more colourful beads.

  • Tapi dalam gambar tu, semua dark colours!

  • or memang semua warna macam tu?

  • I wish to see some colourful beads on the art works.

  • So they are more into this sclupture.

  • memang org yg buat ni… penuh kesabaran….. :D

    • Kan?? Nak masukkan beads sebiji-sebiji….

  • this is so inspirational artwork…

  • yeah, kne sabar buat mnde nih :)

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