Pirate Park, Melaka

I was visiting a friend, Jerry DZ, in Melaka, for the weekend few months back and being a good host, he took us to the Pirate Park. Paid everything for us (or was it free, Jerry? :D) and we got on the ferris wheel dubbed as Eye on Melaka. From up there, we got to see the view of Melaka town at night.

The famous ferris wheel.

Jerry DZ in dark blue. My husband in white.

Seating capacity of this ferris wheel is 64pax (16 gondolas/pods). I think the ticket is RM5 per person for a 10 minutes ride. This ferris wheel  stands at 25m high.

My son in the pod.

Melaka City.

Attraction at Pirate Park includes Pirate Ship, Rock Climbing and Flying Fox. This park which is situated at Jalan Tun Ali, Melaka, operates daily from 5am until 12 midnight. Do take your kids here and don’t forget to take loads of pictures.

My son wanted to go on the Pirate Ship but I was afraid. Had a similar ride during my teenage years (at Yaohan the Mall) and I felt like I was going to be thrown off the ship. fter the ride was over, I puked. That was when I swear to not have the ride or any similar ride ever again.

Have you ever rode on one? How was it feel? If you feel like sharing, do drop me a note in the comment box.

Pirate Ship.


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  1. Salam kak emi. Been here before for allie’s first bday. My uncle punya place. He developed it so we got to go on the rides for free. And after that pirate ship dah taubat dah tanak naik lagi. I didnt puke, but it made me so nauseous sampai couldnt enjoy sightseeing after that.

    1. Salam Shemah. OH, your uncle punya ya! Awesome! Yes, it was scary, ‘kan? That’s why…next time tak payah naik lagi, I think the ferris wheel dah cukup.

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