Museum of History and Ethnography, Melaka

I went to Melaka a few times already but did not have the chance to visit the Museum of History and Ethnography. So when my family and I visited the state few months back, I made the time to visit the museum. It was because I needed to refresh my mind on what I had learned from school textbooks many many years ago. I mean, do you remember what year was it when the Portuguese conquered Melaka? Ok, ok, you know it was in 1511. ;P But do you remember when was it that the Dutch ruled Melaka? How many years? Ok, if you do remember, that’s very good but as for me the only thing that I excelled in History subject was the map drawing part. I remember my teacher said, “Emila, you should be a cartographer.” LOL.

Anyway, visiting the museum really was a good experience. The museum is located inside the Stadthuys building which was declared as National Heritage of Malaysia under the National Heritage Act 2005.

The exhibits inside the museum provide a reflection of early Melaka; from the period of Melaka founding (circa 1400) to the establishment of independent Federation of Malaya (1957). Among the exhibits on display are ancient porcelain ware, ancient weapons, various currencies, historical figure statues and loads of information about the history in the form of poster prints and photos.

Lookie! Asahi Pentax leather container for UV filter (B), UV filter (F) and Lyon exposure shutter speed equipment (C).

14th century tin money on exhibit; hen and cockerel. I can’t help but create a trading scene;
Buyer: How much do I owe you for the groceries? Seller: 2 cockerels and a hen.

The recognisable Stadthuys (right) in the background of a very different Melaka. Seen in the photo was a Chinese man wearing a towchang and a hat, a Malay man and a child posing with their horse carriage (c. 1880). Copyright: PERZIM

I saw this man in Cape Town! I mean the statue.

Portuguese ship model

My son posing near a stone sculpture.

If I tell you everything about the Museum of History and Ethnography of Melaka, I am sure that it’ll take a lot of pages. You need to visit and explore the museum yourself to learn more. The entrance fee of the museum is RM2.00 for adult RM0.50 for children. Do bring your kids along during school holiday.


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  1. living in penang as an expat for two years now, i still wish i could bring my family to melaka soon; perhaps on the next loooong holiday because of work constraints.

    i surely drop by this post again when i get a chance to go to melaka.

    i love visiting museums and heritage sites too.
    thank God we’ve been fortunate to experience and work in malaysia 🙂

    1. Hello Doc! Thanks for dropping by. Yes, please go to Melaka on your next long holiday 😀 There’s quite a lot to see in Melaka.

  2. Melaka is also known for its museums kan? I heard there are more than 10 museums in Melaka in total, but havent check with the fact.

    If it’s true, then banyak lg la yg i x masuk..

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