Postcards from ET and Azah

Received these postcards from ET and Azah last week on Friday. Hahah I love what ET drew for me, travelling on a dragon! And I am very amazed looking at how Azah drew her card; so neat! And look at all the details! I bet she took hours to finish it. Thank you both ET and Azah for taking the time off from hectic schedule to draw for me.

Yeehaa! Jom pergi Shanghai!

Azah, I still cannot find you in this postcard! Hehe

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  1. Just realized that most of readers are talented.. They are awesome.

    btw, I just sent the poscard last week. I’ve to pay for 80sen as the guy at the post office said to my wife. The reason is because it was painted postcard.

    1. Yes, some of them. I have some professional artists reading my blog hehe.

      What 80sen?! No such thing. Postcards are categorised based on weight not type.

  2. Yay! glad it delivered safely to you! :)) Aha, I was at behind those postcard, I said “hello” to you.hihi 😀

    Nice one from my friend, ET. She drew you perfectly! 😀

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