Feb 5, 2012

Postcards from ET and Azah

Received these postcards from ET and Azah last week on Friday. Hahah I love what ET drew for me, travelling on a dragon! And I am very amazed looking at how Azah drew her card; so neat! And look at all the details! I bet she took hours to finish it. Thank you both ET and Azah for taking the time off from hectic schedule to draw for me.

Yeehaa! Jom pergi Shanghai!

Azah, I still cannot find you in this postcard! Hehe


  • Wow! They have great drawing skills!

    • Yes, they do!

  • Wow.. Such intricate design..
    Err is that a female dragon? Hahaha.. So cute!

    • Oh err I just perasan that ET’s postcard is dated 2010.. Or is it just my eyes? :P

      • I think dia tersilap tulis tu heheh

        • hahahaa… soriii.. silap tahun.

          • Hahahah ET….ketinggalan 2 tahun!

    • Haha yes female dragon!

  • Just realized that most of Emilayusof.com readers are talented.. They are awesome.

    btw, I just sent the poscard last week. I’ve to pay for 80sen as the guy at the post office said to my wife. The reason is because it was painted postcard.

    • Yes, some of them. I have some professional artists reading my blog hehe.

      What 80sen?! No such thing. Postcards are categorised based on weight not type.

      • I’m surprised when she told me that. I will investigate this matter.. sounds very weird to me.

        • You should.

  • Both designs are beautiful!

    • Thank you, rose!

  • Yay! glad it delivered safely to you! :)) Aha, I was at behind those postcard, I said “hello” to you.hihi :D

    Nice one from my friend, ET. She drew you perfectly! :D

    • Laaaaaaaaaa hahahaha ok, yang tu nampaklah! Dapat tak postcard Kak Emi? Kalau tak dapat juga, Kak Emi lukis yang lain dan hantar, k.

  • segan la nak htr postcard sbb x cantek pon… huhuhu…

    • Hantar je. Cantik or not is not relevant. Art is art. A dot can be an art.

  • cantiknya.. berbakat semuanya

  • Uuuuu.. kena asah bakat lagi ni biar setanding.. :P

  • Gambar yang kedua nampak cantik la..

    • Dua-dua pun cantik, thanks to the artists.

  • waow great picture sista,,
    i like it,,
    may i beside u i’ll ask u to teach me,, really,,

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