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I have many types of sketchbooks; there’s a sketchbook for rough sketches with pencil, there’s one for pen sketches, there’s one for neat line drawing and there are some for sketches with paint (I mostly use watercolor). For the latter, I prefer Moleskine brand. I have three of them; Watercolor Notebook (13cm x 21cm), Watercolor Folio (A4) and Sketchbook (13cm x 21cm). I have finished two and left with the Folio to complete.

I am often asked where to get these and how good are they. I bought the Sketchbook (two years back) and Watercolor Notebook (a year ago) from The Borders. I went again this year to buy but both were out of stocks. I were told by a friend to get Moleskine from CZipLee Plus. And so I went, I saw and I bought a Watercolor Folio. And I was drooling looking at the collections. There’s Moleskine Passion, Moleskine Limited Edition, Moleskine Diaries with art cover any many more of Moleskine products.

Anyway, let’s get back to the question—how good are they. I have tried many other sketchbooks namely Grandluxe and Derwent but somehow, my preference is Moleskine. This is because the papers are so good. For the Watercolor Notebook and Folio, the papers are made of the top quality heavy paper (200gsm) with 25% cotton fiber, cold pressed on both side (can draw on both side) and acid free. The papers can withstand a variety of washes, ink, charcoal and even markers. And as for the Sketchbook, it works well with pencil, ink, charcoal, markers and light tempera paint. I tried watercolor on it and it bleeds a little. Tried acrylic paint, the pages stuck! But anyway, I had fun exploring it.

So if you like to try Moleskine, you can buy from CZipLee. CZipLee Plus is now closed as they are merging both stores (CZipLee Plus and CZipLee, both in Bangsar)  into 1 new location: No.1 & 3, Jalan Telawi 3 (old Telawi Street Bistro). But parking is hard to find in the area, you might want to go and park at Bangsar Village I or II. To skip the hassle, you can always buy online: CZipLee Lite.

And good news for those who like to try Moleskine!! Alvin Chen from CZipLee has been so kind to sponsor a set of Moleskine Large:

a) 1x Sketchbook
b) 1xWaterColour Album

If you are up to it, here are the things you have to do:

1} Write a blog post and tell why you want the Moleskine Sketchbook or WaterColour Album.

2) Mention about CZipLee and link to

3) Leave your comment and link in the comment form of this post.

Closing date is February 29th. Hurry! Two lucky winners will be announced on March 1st.



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  1. Mee too, ada satu dua moleskine ni, harus berdikit buat memiliki, (sanggup) kerana jatuh cinta dengan kualitinya… 🙂

    apapun, pertama kali ke sini, suka dengan laman ini, salam hormat.. 🙂

  2. I think CzipLee first started in Kajang and dulu zaman sekolah I would come to CzipLee every day sebab so many books and stuffs there. I see they’re doing better now, which is awesome! 🙂

  3. I super duper love Moleskine too… Dulu-dulu, I also bought from Borders before they went out of stock and I discovered Cziplee! 🙂 I love Cziplee cos they have so many things and I absolutely love stationary. So, I can stay there for hours 😛 I have quite a few lined & plain notebooks and 1 sketchbook.. And I agree that watercolour bleeds on that one.. But still ok la 🙂 I can’t wait to try the watercolour notebook.. Maybe soon 🙂
    I love your illustrations 🙂 cantik!!

    1. Thank you for dropping by Evelin! Glad to know you love them too. I haven’t bought the lined ones, maybe I should get one. Have you tried the cahier ones?

      1. Haha… I lupa pulak nak write a blog post about this 😛 yes, I’ve tried the cahiers but I prefer the paper quality for the soft or hard cover moleskines compared to the cahier’s. Somehow it’s different…..

  4. Good luck everyone! I just got back from Shanghai and I have submitted the link to Alvin of CZipLee. He will choose the winner. Stay tuned!

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