Road trip 2012 – Day 2

The breath of fresh air and the smell of trees and paddy is amazing. My son wakes up early to go fishing with his uncle. So far he got a little fish and is so proud of it.

I wanted to capture photos of the little fish but leeches got in the way! More than five of them! Bloodsuckers!

I am going to go packing now and buy some breakfast. Leaving around 10am.


It is 10.10am now as we are leaving Pendang. Now on Route K151, on the way to Sungai Tiang (K17) passing by Kg. Belukar Luas and Kampung Baru. I notice that houses here are mostly brick houses; some semi-wooden. Very hard to find real wooden Malay house. This is mainly because bricks are most cost-effective. As much as I love to see more wooden houses, I guess it is better to leave it that way. Now we don’t want to chop off those trees, do we? We need to save the trees. Read the effort of PEKA about curbing destruction of natural resources, mostly trees.

At a junction to Kg. Baru

From K17, we took K153 passing by Kg. Kuala Berok and Kg Kuala Ruman among others. We later took K10 passing by Jeniang.

Somewhere in Jeniang.

From Jeniang, we took K15 until we reached Kg. Mengkuang. From there we took route K173 and later A173 (Jalan Baling-Gerik) leading to Grik, Perak.

Route K173, 11.25pm.


Route A173, 12pm.

ย And from A173 we just go straight ahead on Route 4 (Jalan Grik-Pasir Puteh) passing by Lake Temenggor.Here are some photos from the route:

We stopped at Pulau Banding at 12.56pm. It’s lunch time!


After lunch, we just drove on Route 4 until R&R Titiwangsa to take pictures on Titiwangsa Range.

We later drove without stopping until we reached Kuala Besut. Routes taken after Route 4 are D20 and D7. We stopped by Pantai Bukit Keluang to let Yassin has his dip. We put up a night here at a newly opened lodge, T’Lodge.



Blogging live from my phone – Jan 22, 2012. -Emila

Edited off-mobile – Jan 23, 2012

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  1. wow, that road sign of deer crossing is so rare to see in Malaysia.. O.O
    rupanya mmg wujud ye.. ingatkan cuma dlm buku memandu je.. hehe~

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