Featured on Korean Magazine

I just got few copies of ‘Good Morning Malaysia’, a Korean magazine for expatriate living in Malaysia. My work is featured on the cover and I am also being featured on a spread!

Good Morning Malaysia provides an insight about places of interest, education, where to eat, where to stay and many more. This magazine is produced bi-weekly. My big thanks to Gilbert Kim and Bruce Choe from Emozin for giving this opportunity to be featured in the magazine.


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  1. wah, tahniah lah atas feature dalam magazine Korea! Pas ni kena pegi lebih international lagi… feature dlm Reader’s Digest pulak… ke dah? 🙂

    tahniah tahniah, semoga lebih kejayaan menanti anda 🙂

  2. salam.. kak emila..
    sy sgt impress pada semua hasil kerja akak..
    dan salah satunye yang buat saya amaze for artwork yang akak sketch kat moleskine book 2! awesome stuff! really like it!..
    so sy ade 1 soalan.. kat mana sy boleh dpatkan molleskine sketch book 2? berminat untuk memilikinya 1.. tq.

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