Featured in Cut Out magazine, Vol 02 Issue 04

Bought the magazine at Art Book Fair from Basheer Graphic Books. I did know that I was going to be featured but did not know which issue.

I actually never bought Cut-Out magazine and it was the cover that made me buy this one issue. And while browsing the pages inside, I saw my name.


And I like this ad also; it features my Rangoon Creeper’s lil’ guardian.

As I read the magazine, I found out that it is quite interesting to read, full of art stuff. This is the kind of magazine that people attending an online art university enjoy. You should get one today.

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  1. Salam sis,

    I really2 looking for this magazine tapi dah taktau nk cari kat mana dah..as major bookstore mcm Popular, MPH xde pun…sedih…

    Btw, this is my 1st time visiting your blog and already hooked up with this comelness blog and your illustration are superb sis. Thumbs up!

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