2011 Retrospect

In a day time we will say goodbye to 2011 and hello to 2012. The year 2011 has been a great and productive year for me despite some heart pains such copyright infringement and jealousy. But that did not stop me from making new artworks and posting them on my blog because I believe that most of my readers can relate to my artworks that would somehow remind them of their childhood. To me, making people smile is enough for me to get me to create, create and create more.

look before you cross the road

Left, right, left – one of many illustrations I made this year.

2011 also saw me winning the iMasTravel contest which gave me the chance to visit Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa and Seoul, South Korea. The experience was great despite the disappointment of not being able to be on top on Table Mountain in Cape Town and the fact that we travelled to Seoul in rainy season. My husband and I dubbed it as honeymoon vacation we never had before.

me under oak tree

I really love this big European tree. ` Kirstenbosch Gardens, Cape Town.

Jetlag is not really it but after two weeks of vacation, I had hard time coming up with new illos as my mind was still in vacation mode. Took me quite some time to get back on track.

Had quite a number of commission works done this year including book illustrations. I haven’t got the time to come up with my own new books this year but will have more next year. For the time being, I am working on My Kuala Lumpur Scrapbook and My Fathers’ Kitchen.

My Kuala Lumpur Scrapbook

My direction early last year saw me making some crafts and mugs but after thinking about it very hard, I had to let go of those two. I haven’t got the time to make crafts and as for the mugs, I have been having problems with broken mugs due to bad handling by local delivery service.

bushra's dad


And the most devastating part of my 2011 was when I lost my kittens. The kittens followed their mum making rounds around the neighbourhood but somehow, the mother came back without its kittens. I searched high and low and cried many times over. Searching effort and flyers distribution around the neighbourhood failed. I had to face the fact that I will never see them again. I still miss the kittens.


Do visit my archived posts if you need to read my 2011 stories.

So, how is your 2011? Good? Bad? So-so?

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Yassin is 8

Yassin had a blast during his garden birthday party yesterday. He invited the neighbourhood friends but as he invited them in the afternoon, I did not expect for the kids to bring him pressies. “Just come and eat,” I told Yassin to tell them. Without Yassin knowing it, his cousins and me had bought few little things to make it up with the WWF Belt he wanted. I strongly did not agree with the idea of buying WWF belt that cost RM100 ! So we bought books, alarm clock, some small LEGOs to assemble and a wrist watch that cost about the same amount of the belt and wrapped them in different wrappers. Yassin was so happy that he got so many pressies from us!

Yassin on his birthday

Mango cake

makan time!


Yassin's friends


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My upcoming book: My Kuala Lumpur Scrapbook

I guess this book will come out first before My Father’s Kitchen.

My Kuala Lumpur Scrapbook is a delightful new book by me featuring several unique buildings and spots in Kuala Lumpur – Masjid Jamek, Sultan Abdul Samad Building, Chinatown, Perdana Lake Garden, Brickfields, National Museum, KLCC, KL Tower, KL Sentral and the National Mosque.

This­ book is a combination of text, watercolour illustrations and scrapbook elements that will inspire you to start your own scrapbook.

Title: My Kuala Lumpur Scrapbook
Edition: 1st
Author/Illustrator: Emila Yusof
Publisher: Oyez!Books
Language: English
No of pages: 24
Size: 210 x 297 mm
Finishing: Hardcover
Price: RM32
Publication date: Feb 2012


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I am the pirate!!


If you think I am the copyright pirate, well, you are so wrong! Haha.

I found out this What Disneyworld Ride Are You? quiz from Marzie’s blog and took it. The result shows that I am one of the Pirates of The Caribbean. It says:

You Are Pirates of the Caribbean

You are prone to vivid fantasies about private escapes. You travel to whole other countries and worlds in your mind.

You are a mystical person at times. You believe there’s more to this world than what you see.You’re very kind, gentle, and empathetic. You can’t help but feel whatever others are feeling.

You may be a bit quiet, but deep down you have a heart for adventure. You have romantic notions about traveling the world.

Let me know what type are you. This is fun.

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Are you banned from this blog?

If you are, it is probably because:

  • you spam me with ugg boots link, live sex chat link or anything similar,
  • you try to link my link through my RSS feed and making profit from it in the sense of Google Adwords,
  • you are spying on me and copy everything that I do.

I banned all the above only using URL link, not IP address ; for example: www.yourblog.com.If you cannot view my blog and have nothing to do with the above, do let me know as soon as possible. I’ll add you to my white list.

So far, I have blocked 3 local URLs due to some reasons. Who are they? I am not telling but I think they know who they are. I am not the kind who can really deal with emotional attacks and what I do is, to forget that these people exist and completely refraining myself from visiting them. It is better not knowing what they say about me rather than deal with pain in the heart.

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Get lost in Venice

Italy was the first foreign country I visited. I remember how I was so busy getting some illustrations done that I did not have the time to search the Internet for places of interest, let alone to go out and buy a map or book about Italy.

One of the places that I blissfully got lost in, was Venice. The only way to see Venice is by walking. Of course there are gondolas and boats to view Venice from the canals but walking is the best way to explore Venice, even that means it bundles with a guarantee that you will get lost.

The walk from Venice Santa Lucia Train Station, Ferrovia to Piazza San Marco took me more than two hours. Along the way, I took many wrong turns and being alone in a superficial place, I almost cried. Many times I found myself caught in the maze-like lanes and sometimes it seemed like there was no way out. Some of the lanes ended up on someone’s door.

narrow lanes

To handle this situation, I tried to find the crowd and follow them. Eventually, they indirectly helped me arrived at some well-known attractions in Venice.

First well-known place I met was Campo San Polo. Campo San Polo is the largest Campo in Venice, Italy, the second largest Venetian public square. This square was then used as the scene of bullfights, mass sermons and masked balls. It remains to this day as one of the most popular Carnival venues and is also used for open air concerts and screenings during the Venice Film Festival.

campo san polo

Campo San Polo

From Campo San Polo, I followed a sign that says Per Rialto and Per Piazza San Marco.

the way to rialto

Along the way, I came across a Gothic façade. I looked closely and found out that it’s called Chiesa De San Polo, a nineteenth century church that also has a museum of Venetian works.

sestier de san polo

Chiesa De San Polo

After Chiesa De San Polo, I passed another building called Chiesa Di S. Giacomo Apostolo. The Venetians call it the Church of S. Giacometto and is the oldest church in Venice. It was built in 1071 and the 24-hour clock was put up in 1410 and restored in 1749.

chiesa s.giacomo

Chiesa Di S. Giacomo Apostolo

I finally reached Rialto, thanks to the signs.


Rialto was the first harbour of Venice and today it is the financial and commercial centre of Venice and is situated in the district of San Polo Sestiere. Rialto is known for its markets and bridge that connects the districts of San Polo and San Marco across the Grand Canal in the heart of the city is the Rialto Bridge. This bridge has always been a busy crossing in Venice. But instead of being crowded with merchants like during Venice’s heyday, the bridge is now swamped by tourists. Well, I added to the statistic last year. Who wouldn’t want to snap a photo by this bridge? I was doing a favour for another tourist and later she offered to take my photo with my camera. How could I resist such temptation as all my photos were missing ME. Haha.

me at rialto bridge

After buying some gifts from Rialto Market, I walked on with the crowd and finally reached Piazza San Marco, the principal public square in Venice. The Piazza is dominated at its eastern end by the great St Mark’s Basilica. The west façade of the basilica is decorated with great arches and marble decorations,  Romanesque carvings round the central doorway and, above all, the four horses which preside over the piazza and are such potent symbols of the pride and power of Venice.

st mark's basilica

St’ Mark’s basilica west façade.

After that, I was just wandering aimlessly along the piazetta and took a picture of me using remote control and tripod, near the jetty. There are many attractions along the piazetta  which includes Doge’s Palace, St. Mark’s Campanile, Hard Rock Cafe and many more.

me at piazetta

Me smiling to my camera.

The Doge’s Palace is a gothic palace in Venice, Italy. The palace was the residence of the Doge of Venice, the supreme authority of the Republic of Venice. The Doge’s Palace, Venice, has façade which dated from 1309-1424, designed by Giovanni and Bartolomeo Buon.

Doge's Palace

Anyway, after taking many photos, I realised that it was already 4pm. I quickly walked to find the way I came only to be lost again in the mazes-like lanes, which seemed to become more narrower.

where am I?

I managed to find my way back to the jetty after making few rounds at the same area. I took a ride on the ferry to save time as I had to catch the train back to Bologna which would take me 2 hours to reach. By 6pm, Bologna would already be dark.

venice view from the ferry


The ferry ride from St. Mark’s Basin to Santa Lucia Station was great as I get to experience the ride through Grand Canal. The banks of the Grand Canal are lined with more than 170 buildings, most of which dated back to 13th to the 18th century and demonstrate the welfare and art created by the Republic of Venice.

Grand Canal, Venice

Although I got lost, I cherished every moment of my walking experience in Venice and would always look at my photo albums just to feel the feeling I had back there.

If you are up to it, do not bring any map or GPS. Just go with the flow and enjoy Venice! Don’t forget to take a lot of pictures and take note the name of buildings or vias.



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Year-end paintings sale

I have these original paintings waiting to have their new owner. If you are interested in buying, Head on to the link below the painting and buy. Reservation can only be made within 24 hours. I’ll have it back on the listing after that.

Flower Girl III (RM200) SOLD

Cat on Balcony (RM150) SOLD


Dragonflies (RM300) Local delivery only

Set painting

A set of two girls: Swell Girl and Stripey Girl (RM200)

Rose and water droplets

Droplets on Rose (RM150) Local delivery only

Color Pencil Cat

Color pencil Cat (RM100)

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