Wedding illo set

I did this for an old friend (last July) who is entrusted by her brother to handle his wedding invite. Corrine wants me to come up with a set of travel illustrations as her brother and fiancee are both cabin crew. The invite will be like a passport and so I added an emblem for the cover.

travel illos


Emblem rationale: as Dominic and Yvonne loves travelling, i made two birds spreading their wings. Dominic the bird with bow tie and Yvonne with frangipani. these two birds also depict lovebirds. The middle armour depicts love, Dominic & Yvonne (DY), wedding rings and family (2 adults and at least 3 kids). Haha.

Dominic and Yvonne will tie the knot in December 2011.

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  1. Kak, i love how you did details in everything. Just marvellous! Cutee sangat2.

    P/s: Kak, perhaps you could add few more watermarks in between the travel illustrations. It’s so pretty and someone might copy and crop the Emblem rationale to use the travel illustrations… 🙁

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