See green, see life – finished work

We, the human beings, not leaving behind the animals, need trees to live.  Trees produce oxygen and we could all not exist without trees. A mature leafy tree produces as much oxygen in a season as 10 people inhale in a year. What many people don’t realize is that the forest also acts as a giant filter that cleans the air we breath. Deforestation is becoming more and more ‘popular’ and the filter is getting more thinner and thinner. I am afraid that if we do not take action from now, there will be no more forests and trees. And when this happens, we will all be struggling for oxygen and we might even have to buy oxygen to survive. Imagine Oxygen Banks everywhere. And imagine that the interest will be higher and higher everyday due to high demands. Imagine…imagine….

Oh well, I got carried away after watching ‘In Time’ movie few weeks back. But, the situation is possible, you know. PLEASE, love trees and plant trees. Join the effort to help curb destruction of natural resources. One way is to join PEKA. PEKA MALAYSIA is an NGO known as Pertubuhan Pelindung Khazanah Alam Malaysia, which was form to stop the destruction of natural resources, to defend the rights of environment and be the voice of nature, and further more to educate to create awareness about nature, sound health and the preservation and sustenance of the environment.

Here’s a poster I did for PEKA for their upcoming event that will be done in regular basis. Will let you know more about the event soon. This poster has yet to be approved by committee members but I post it here just to share with you.


see green, see life

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  1. boy tu macam yassin 🙂
    Agreed with you kak. Trees important, tapi ramai je sedar, cuma depa dah terlalu ghairah nk kaut duit. Kalau saya duduk kat bandar kurang pokok pun dah rase panas, berhabuk pastu takde inspirasi nk lukis… huhu

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