Salam Maal Hijrah

Here’s wishing all Muslims a blessed Maal Hijrah.

happy maal hijrah

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  1. hi emila,
    salam maal hijrah. tonite, i turn into ur web page with my 3yo daughter for the first time. the moment she saw this page, she said “my mother’s garden!”
    i was surprised and ask her “what makes you say that?” she showed me the little girl image at ur littleshop tab.
    i would like to say that my daughter has pretty good connectivity sense but more of it, i think the little girl of yours is a very strong character!
    so, as u decided to have her for your next book.. definitely it’s a precise decision.
    Can’t wait to have the book.

    1. hi yanti! ya ke? that is great! i am glad to have made the decision to change the boy to this girl in my upcoming book. yay! can’t wait for my father’s kitchen to be published.

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