Blog makeover keseribu kali

Over the years from 2006, I think I have changed theme for more than 20 times (seribu kali tu gimik je). The last one I had was Elements of SEO. I changed the CSS styling to suit my need and put up my own header. I edited the size of sidebars, added extra links to the original menu and changed the post title font.


And now I am using a naked framework theme called Build by Pushkraj Dole. This framework is intended to be used as a starting point for custom theme. As I have nominated my blog  (calon diri sendiri :D) for the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2011 under the category Most Original Blog Design, I think it’s fair to really work on this blog and create the theme that I really wanted. I hope I’ll be shortlisted.

Here’s the original framework:

build theme


And here’s what I did to it:

new theme




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  1. i like this one than the previous one, mungkin sbb the color kut? hehe.
    owh by the way, looks totally different dari theme asal. good effort.

    ps: takleh klik kat header nak ke “Home”. Maybe akak boleh buat clickable header or navigation bar kat sibdear tu boleh letak link to Home

  2. is much easier with designer templates you could arrange easy. but your header was the awesome-est!tak tau pulak dapat idea dari situ..huhu..

  3. proses menukar template blog memang hobi kebanyakan blogger 😉
    me too once upon a time before (masa gila berblogging dulu la 😉

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