Do ONE thing and do it well


I was reading an article by Jacob Cass when it got me to thinking that I should really concentrate on what I do best. My niche has always been drawing and not other things. Along the way I have tried web/blog designing, graphic designing, make crafty things, sewing, etcetra etcetra. I do web/blog design because I like to offer people the option of getting the designer they like to do it. I do graphic design because that was my job since 1995 up until 2007. I make crafty things because I like to create things. I like things to be the way I like it.

I stopped doing web/blog design early this year because I don’t really have the time to spend on coding. Furthermore, I could not cope with the pressure (it’s just not the coding) that comes with it. But I do entertain customers who really have the faith in me designing their web/blog. This I do secretly but now you know.  As for the crafty stuff, I totally stop making but I do entertain customers who really want me to sew for them. As for graphic designing, I am very sure that I am tired of doing it. I grew old doing it and the reason why I quit my job as graphic designer back in 2007 was because I decided not to be graphic designer for the rest of my working life. And if I was the employee, the idea of having old graphic designer is not appealing at all. Haha.

When I read Jacob’s article, I thought, “yes, I am on the right path.” But I still feel that there are so many things sitting on my shoulder and hence feel the need to cut on some jobs.

Come 2012, I have decided to:

  • only take job order for these: Em’s doll (for blog avatar/profile, blog header and prints).
  • draw more of my own children’s books and paintings for sale, cutting back on commission jobs for others except for those whom I have promised to illustrate for them.

No more web/blog or graphic designing for others. As for sewing, I am going to treat it as hobby or to relieve stress from drawing.

playing ball

Trying to do everything when time does not permits is not good. I had failed to deliver on time on many occasions as I had so many things in hands to do. For that matter, I have been thinking hard and try to find the solution. Lucky I came across the above article.

So my magic word is basically DRAW. What’s yours? Have you tried to do more than one thing and at the end failed to deliver? What is the ONE thing that you are very passionate of doing? Try to determine what it is and excel on it. Good luck!

P/s 130 more posts to go 😛

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Don’t leave your child hungry

Another illo I made for the commissioned 2012 calendar.

Do you know that leaving your child hungry can be considered a neglect?

The Child Act 2001 protects children from being neglect. All parents and caregivers have a duty of care to ensure that children are adequately cared for and have all their basic needs provided.


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Windows photo collection

These are window photos I’ve captured with my old Nikon DSLR while travelling. I love looking at the beauty of windows. Location includes Malaysia, Italy, South Africa and South Korea. I hope I will have the opportunity to add windows from other countries as well.

With this post, I reached 1880 posts. 132 more to reach 2012 posts by the year 2012.


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