7 things you need to know before travelling from Malaysia to Singapore by car

Here are some information that I gather during my visit to Singapore by car. I’ve gathered some basic information about the Autopass beforehand, thanks to my friends, Enida and Bella.

Passport – A passport with at least 6 months validity. Please remove your passport cover to facilitate immigration clearance.

IMM27E Disembarkation/Embarkation Card – In my case, I got it from the Singapore checkpoint and filling in the 3 cards took about 10 minutes. I was very sure that the car behind us was in fury because they had to wait longer. And please do not misplace the portion that they gave you, you need to give it back upon leaving Singapore. They will give spare cards when you leave Singapore so that the next time you come, you can have it already filled at home.

Autopass card – You can purchase the autopass card at the LTA office after the custom clearance. To get to the Land Transport Authority (LTA) office, you need to turn right after two police booths. To get the autopass, you need to show your car’s Road tax – you can either capture it by camera or your handphone camera and show it to the LTA Officer. Deposit is S$6 and you can buy for the value of S$10 or 20. Autopass Card is a stored-value smart card for paying Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) fees, toll charges and ERP fees in Singapore. As vehicle information is encoded in the card, it is not transferable between vehicles. It can also act as a CashCard for all CashCard transactions.

Parking – You can use the Autopass card for parking and you can refill them at any Seven Eleven stores. Top-up is also available at most tourism attractions.

Toll fee – Toll fee is S$1.20 at the Causeway checkpoint (Singapore). Not sure about Tuas Checkpoint, though.

Touch N Go card – you need to have Touch N Go card in advance to pay for the RM2.90 toll upon entering Malaysia..

Things that are not allowed in Singapore – any kind of fireworks including pop-pop firework pellets and of course, drugs.




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  1. Thanks for the info, Kak Emi! Thought of going to Sg if got long weekend. I’m thinking cuti UPSR but it’s too soon to plan lah pulak.. and I already spent a large chunk of cash to go back to Sabah for Raya.

    Also can’t bring chewing gum and not more than 3 cigarettes in I heard. Stalks not boxes. But I heard the autopass can also be used for lockers in Universal Studios also!! Cool huh? 🙂

    1. Ya, cannot bring chewing gum.. And DVD cetak rompak.. And they search everything including your handbags.. Nasib baik takde bawak anjing skali search kereta org.. Oh yeah, I lupa abt the white card kak ems (IMM27E) huhu..

      Hope you had a good time there!

      1. ha chewing gum! oh dvd cetak rompak oso? nasib baik semua tu takde dalam kereta! i think hari raya dia tak search thoroughly. tu la the white card kena isi sampai tiga, orang belakag dah bengang dah haha

  2. Great tips Ems..

    Sorry I wasnt much help coz Azwaj lama drive to SG..hehe.. we prefer public transport like real Singaporeans..hehe..

    and like Shemah said.. NO to chewing gum.. my cousin brought some once.. all kena throw away :(.. ciggy wise.. only two packs allowed per person 🙂

    1. thanks for the info! planned to visit a relative who just moved there. Public transport macam jauh from her house…so considering to drive. But cuak because banyak betol rules dia.

      1. You can get it from the immigration office dekat situ. I got mine kat situ juga. BUt I think an get beforehand also sebab banyak nak kena tulis. I took a lot masa tu so that next time terus isi je. Can get from travel agencies kat JB.

        1. ooo! tuh lar kalo boleh nak get those forms and fill up earlier. Because last time pegi dgn bus pon rasa frustrated because it took sometime to fill up everything. Time tuh cam blur2 tatau pape.

  3. Thanks for the info about autopass. Senang, boleh refill di Seven-11, ya. Planning to visit Singapore by the end of the year.

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