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Somewhere in Cape Town, where greatness comes embellished with Ordovician quartzitic sandstone and orographic clouds, there was a traveller crying quietly in her heart for not being able to capture the majestic view from the flat topped Table Mountain.

Truly a major disappointment in life.


My travel dates to Cape Town, which was from July 20 to 25, coincided with the Table Mountain Cableway’s annual maintenance which was from July 18 to 31. If I had been there three days earlier, it would have changed the history of my life, and I could happily claim to be on top of the world.

The 2011 maintenance plan includes major power line repairs and servicing the hydraulics and main motor gear box. Table Mountain Cableway is required to do annual maintenance to meet the highest global cableway standards set by the Swiss Governing Body for Cableways (BAV).

Of course there is an option for hiking, but I was not all prepared – mentally and physically. Furthermore, although the distance from bottom to top may sound short (about three kilometres), the hike is a physically demanding “moderate to tough” route that takes between one and three or more hours to complete.

For what it’s worth, my husband and I did get on the trail, and he wanted to go further up. But as my knees were not really up to it, we just made it half way. I could see the disappointment although he tried to hide it. But he knows I would get all weary. I can walk and stroll, but not ascend.

Nonetheless, I took some photos and sketched something.

Here’s a bit about Table Mountain.

Often described as magical and mystical, Table Mountain is Cape Town’s most prominent feature and a world-famous landmark. This mountain is visible from almost everywhere in Cape Town and is often used as a beacon by which to find direction.

The mountain rises 1,086 metres at its highest point, Maclears Beacon, above the bay. Its flat summit measures nearly three kilometres and provides breathtaking views over the city and its beaches. The panorama stretches from Table Bay to False Bay and around the mountain to the Hout Bay Valley and Kommetjie.

On a clear day one has a magnificent view across the Cape Flats to the Hottentots Holland Mountains.

Table Mountain is home to a rich fauna and flora, many species of which are endemic and survive only in the unique ecosystem which is contained on the mountain. There are approximately 1,470 species of plants, including over 250 different species of daisies.

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  1. Kak Emila,

    How long did it take for you to draw the picture on site? Because I usually didn’t know whether to take picture, or draw or just embracing the moment. Too many things to do at one time, I wonder how you do this. And Cape Town looks very breathtaking. I hope someday I can get there too.

    1. F, tengok pada subjek. kalau subjek complicatged, lama juga kalau senang, kejap je. for this one, it took me an hour (on site) to bring out all the details. the shadings tu buat kat bilik hotel.

      ambil gambar pun bagus juga, later we can draw when time permits.

  2. oh sayang sungguh tak dapat naik atas Table Mountain. 🙁 oh well, nak buat cemana kan. Maybe next taim MAS can sponsor again.. hehe

    Suka la tengok bunga2 liar tu… very pweety!

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