Muslim Restaurants in Korea

Staying in a hotel that is quite near to the city center, getting Muslim food was not a problem at all. The most popular area that houses many Muslim food outlets is Itaewon. Itaewon is a popular tourists area. The Seoul Central Mosque is situated in Itaewon and therefore, there are many Muslim restaurants in the area.

seoul central mosque

Seoul Central Mosque, Itaewon.

I really love to try Korean vegetarian dishes but I couldn’t find any in the area. So don’t get me wrong saying bad things about me not trying Korean dishes. I did had a taste of kimchi but that was on the flight back to KUL. 😀

From the hotel to Itaewon, it took about 30 minutes train ride. My husband and I tried to walk from the hotel to Itaewon but that took us more than an hour to reach the place. That was probably because it was raining and the other valid reason was, we’re old couple here. We walk too slow.

1. Al-Saba Restaurant

The first restaurant we tried was Al-Saba. Al-Saba is a Pakistani Restaurant and the interior is beautiful. My husband loves the chairs and I simply love the beautiful Pakistani decorations.

pretty chairs

pretty amazing chair, doncha think?

The restaurant specializes in lamb dishes, curry, and chicken dishes. We had garlic rice, Mutton Briyani, Chana Dhall and a set of samosa. As for drinks I had green tea and my husband, Alsaba Special Tea. It is a milk tea made from aranche flower and spread with bit of nuts. I had a sip and truly love the taste.

garlic rice

garlic rice

mutton briyani

mutton briyani

Total we spent:
Mutton Briyani: KRW15,000
Garlic Rice: KRW7,000
Chana Dhall: 9,000
Special Tea: 6,000
Green Tea: 3,000
Samosa: 6,000
total KRW46,000 (RM129.00)

The cost of living is quite high in Korea, so instead of converting everything to RM, we treated KRW10,000 as RM10.

If you want to visit Al-Saba, the address is: 34-50 Itaewon 1(il)-dong Yongsan-gu Seoul South Korea

2. Ashoka Restaurant

Next restaurant we visited was Ashoka Restaurant. This restaurant is part of the worldwide Islamic restaurant chain Ashoka. The first Indian restaurant to open in Korea. The address: 3rd Flr, Hamilton Hotel, Itaewon, Seoul.


We had buffet lunch for 23,000 per head that includes coffee. I had an extra drink which was lassi but when we pay the total was 46,000. Lassi is on the house, I guess.





3. Murree Restaurant

Third restaurant we tried was Murree. The restaurant specializes in Lamb Dishes, curry, and chicken dishes. The restaurant is very tiny but all the time crowded because the food is quite good. We again had Mutton Briyani, Chicken Briyani, 2 coffee and a take-away pizza. Total spent here was KRW23,000. Half of what we spent in Ashoka.

As for the address, I’m not too sure. But you’ll find this restaurant on your way to the mosque. From Itaewon-ro, take right up the hill and take left. Murree is on the right side of the road. Up a bit is the mosque.

Murree Restaurant

4. Mr. Kebab

The next one we tried was Mr Kebab. I had Pilaf Chicken Kebab and my husband Mutton. We had coke and a juice. Total spent KRW 7,000. The address: 127-2, Itaewon-1-Dong, YongsanGu, Seoul. Just cross the road in front of Hamilton hotel and walk about 5 minutes.

mr. kebab

sorry for the blurry photo, my hands were shaking, I was so hungry.

5. Foreign Restaurant

Last restaurant we tried was Foreign Restaurant. The menu is the same chicken and mutton and salad. We had coffee and tea. total spent was more or less was KRW25,000. The address is 136-45, Itaewon Dong,. Yongsangu, Seoul. It’s the first road you take on the way to the mosque after Itaewon-Ro. Situated On the left side of the road.

foreign restaurant

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  1. Everywhere, kalau cakap pasal Muslim Restaurant mesti kedai Orang pakistan, india, mesir atau negara Arab hehe.
    Yang Koreang halal food ada tak? hehe

        1. Muree restaurant tu operated by a Muslim. Looks like a Pakistan guy. He served Korean cuisine. Small portion but can top up the side dish. He’s the cook, the server and the cashier.

  2. Do not eat at Murree restaurant or you will rue the day you did. That’s how I felt on leaving the restaurant. We had ordered ‘chicken handi’ but what arrived looked nothing like the picture in the menu. The small chicken pieces were hard and dry as if they had just come out of a microwave. There was no gravy unlike that shown in the picture. The nan too, while hot, were hard and dry. The chef was apparently an indonesian lady. The owner sauntered in and out without the slightest acknowledgement of his guests, even though we heard and understood his comments in punjabi.

  3. Dear Emilia, as you had eaten at Ashoka did you happen to glance at the hotel itself (the Hamilton)? How’s the place; does it look clean? My family of five plans to visit Seoul next month. Someone recommended the Hotel as it is located along Itaewon itself which is near the mosque and has many Halal food places. Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks much!

    1. dear ani, from the look of the exterior it looks good. i like the idea of red-bricks hotel. it looks clean and i think most tourists stay there. on the ground floor of the hotel there’s a shopping area and food cafes. other muslim halal restaurants are within walking distance. the mosque is about 10 minutes walk up the hill. when i ate dekat ashoka, i took the lift from the lobby.

  4. Thanks, Emila. You’ve assured me that the place is still as good as someone who stayed there years ago says. I was a bit wary as some of the comments found in those online sites are not so reassuring. Good news is, this morning my hubby confirmed the trip and the Hamilton it is. So we are gonna walk the talk and sample some of delightful dishes you’ve shown here. By the way, I love the images you showcase in your pic gallery. Selamat menyambut awal Muharram.

  5. Hi sis. There is one T shirt shop allowing us to write something on a piece of paper and paste it on the shop wall. I have been there, but I couldnt recall the name and address. Can u or somebody help me? I’m going there again 19 nov 2012.

  6. saya dah 2 kali ke korea(seoul). saya punya host akan bawa makan korean food dekat restoran vegeterian. ada yang best ada yang biasa-biasa jer, ada yang tak best. cth yg tak best – mcm bihun, kuah kicap, dia letak ais, makan sejuk2, mmng tak boleh makan. yang best – macam laksa, mcm laksa kelantan.
    saya punya host cukup particular pasal halal food. restoran arab/turki tu x susah sangat nk order. ada setengah restoran india, kalau ayam tak halal, tp kalau kambing halal.
    harga? saya tak tahu sebab dia bayar semuanya, heeee…
    sebab kalau dia datang malaysia, saya akan belanja dia pula.
    june nanti nak ke sana lagi.

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