Greetings from Cape Town

Hello all! Just a quick update from South Africa!

I am here in my room in Fountains Hotel, Cape Town. Reached the town at 7am in the morning yesterday. Walked around the town and visited Victoria & Albert Waterfront, it’s very beautiful. Took the HOHO bus and visited Kirstenbosch Garden as well.

I will upload more pictures soon, the internet connection is quite slow here.



me deciding what to eat


Old oak tree

That’s me under the old oak tree.

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  1. Hi Emila di Cape Town! πŸ˜€

    santeknyaaaaaa. one day i must visit South Africa oso la. Besornya dat oak tree… eh eh teringat lagu tu… tie a ‘lalalala’ round d old oak tree… πŸ˜›

    Enjoy your day Emila. can’t wait to see ur sketches!

    1. LOL ‘lalalala’!

      you must visit CT. very beautiful! tak sketch apa pun lagi, am having fun just walking and admiring the beautiful landscapes here.

  2. tak pernah keluar dari kepompong Malaysia kecuali ke Singapura dan Sempadan Thailand…kirimkan salam saya di angin lalu Cape Town ye Puan Emi

  3. i will never get bored reading your entries sis..
    even though this one was published in 2011..
    gonna leave comments on each of your post.. and hope i can be the top commenter

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