Jul 7, 2011

FB-like my A to Z e-book

I am collecting points for My Mas Traveller page and if you like this e-book, click like in the link below.

Like the e-book

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  • Salam Sis Emila, moga sihat dan ceria-ceria selalu..

    So adorable-lah akak! saya suka karakter kartun yang akak lukis, unik dan tersendiri. Hari tu ada tengok buku sketch yang akak buat A- Z kids like to do.. Comel dan sangat menarik.. ;D

    • salam ijja, terima kasih. oh dah tengok yg tu ya. buku tu tinggal kat US sekarang.

  • i love ur A To Z e-book. COmellious =) Voted for u kak =D

    • hehe thank you azah!

  • lovely work, emila! :) of coz i like it!

  • the book is awesome, emila! i’ll show it to chloe later! :)

    • thanks jean! ok, hope chloe likes it!

  • Ok I liked edi, woot! TGIF! :)

    • thanks dear!

  • comel sangat, rasa nak gigit2 je e-book itu

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