You’re my heart, you’re my Seoul…

I am currently researching the best place in Seoul to visit.

seoul map

Places of interest that are on my list include Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace, Biwon, the Secret Garden, Insadong, Hangang River and many more. I listed some of the best place according to my sketching and enjoying nature interest in iMasTravel page but I am really up to more places if time permits because I don’t really want to be a tourist, I want to be a traveler.

The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see. ~Gilbert K. Chesterton

Anyway, the title reminds me of this song, one of my favourite songs during the 80s:


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  1. hey hey emila. hope it is not too late to wish u congratulations for winning the imastravel contest! to be honest, u’re actually one of my personal favourite 🙂 enjoy the trip and share with us will ya! 😀

  2. Emila, i can’t wait to see your sketches! I hope MAS hires you as artist travel ambassador or something… then you can go anywhere in the world and sketch all you want … and then boleh la you hire me jadi your sekretari… hehe (teringat our conversation dolu2 with Marzie) 😀

    1. wow, that’ll be an honour for me! I wish ada orang yg nak hire me to travel and draw hehehehe and of coz, you’ll be my sektretari!

  3. wah bestnye! i love the way u said that u want to be traveller not tourist. harapan sy semoga akak emila dpt banyak inspirasi dari sana ea. cayok2! =)

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