Top Commenter for April 2011

Yay! My top commenter for April is Nkara! As promised, Nkara will get a personalised mug for being my top one.

free mug for february 2011

Here is the complete list of top 5 commenters:

Thank you all for commenting away. I lvoe to read comments so keep ’em coming.

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    1. morning! you must! speaking of mug, your 2 mugs still with me. bila la nak bagi. nak pos, takut pecah. recently, mugs yg zureen hantar semua pecah. the pos service is so bad la.

  1. salam Emila..
    tahniah pada yang setia berkampung di sini..
    saya kesibukan kerja..nak menyinggah pun
    tak sempat..ermmm..moga maju jaya selalu
    blog anda Emila..

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