May 31, 2011

Top 7 things a Malaysian need to know before applying for Passport Malaysia

My husband and I went to Immigration Department at Wangsa Maju branch on Monday to renew our passport and we’re so happy that the process went smooth. Prior to applying, my husband was worried that his name was blacklisted. I told him if he’s not doing anything wrong with the Police or Income Tax Dept or PTPTN, he should be OK. Anyway, I searched the net on how to get information on blacklisted traveler and was happy to find out that we can check the status online.

I gather these tips to share with you:

1. Check your travel status

2. Applying for passport

  • Over the counter application: Applying is very easy – you need to be ready with two passport photos (with light blue background, dark blue won’t be accepted) and a copy of your IC. You need to hold on to your original IC as the officer will later need it to process your passport. You’ll get back your IC after payment has been made.
  • Online application: you can visit Immigration’s e-service here: Online Passport.
  • For children, adopted children, etc, please read full requirements here: Malaysia International Passport.

3. Renewing passport

  • The process is the same as above, but you need to bring your expired passport.

4. Lost Passport

  • If it’s missing or lost, you have to lodge a police report and bring the report when applying for a new one. Don’t forget to make a copy for their record. Please take note that application for replacement of lost passport will be sent to Immigration Department Headquarters, Putrajaya Malaysia for decision/process which will take approximately 3-4 months.

5. Waiting hours

  • Effective from 11 May 2010, Malaysia international passport applications will be processed within an hour after payment is made. Please bear in mind that, the waiting for your number to be called is about one hour also depending on the crowd. So, expect two hours.

6. Passport Fees

  • Fees are as per below:
    RM100.00 for 2 years
    RM300.00 for 5 years
  • Special Fees
    RM150.00 for 5 years
    [Eligibility for special Fees: Children below 12 years old or student below 21 years old with proof to study abroad on the day submission.]
  • Exemption of payment
    Exemption of payment is given to the handicap or disable person on the condition that they produce a letter from the Welfare Department.

7. Passport validity

  • Your passport must be valid for more than six months – or to be on the safe side – one year. I went to renew my passport after an Immigration officer told me that I cannot travel on a passport with only 6 months validity.


Note: I am just giving tips of what you need to apply, for other enquiries, please contact Immigration Department: 03-8000 8000 or visit their website: Immigration Malaysia


  • Thank you for sharing this emila. My travel status is blacklisted. :(

    • you’re welcome, sbc. have you checked what made you on the list? am sure it can be settled.

  • wow, kak emila nak g bercuti dah.
    masa renew untuk sambung study di kanada dulu main hentam je hehe. masa kecik2 dah ada passport, so just renew :)

    Anyway, nice tips you have here. A must read for any traveller.

    Baru tau laman web untuk cek tu, the result:

    Keputusan semakan:
    Tiada halangan :)

    • hehe ya dik, yahoooooo nak bercuti! thanks, maklumat ni penting untuk yg nak travel, harapan dapat membantu sedikit sebanyak. yayyyyyyy tiada halangan! bila nak pergi melancong?

  • Hehe..saya dulu buat passport ngam2 sejam kak. pergi awal2 pagi dalam pukul 8, terus apply, pukul 9 siap. yeah, imigresen alor setar pagi2 tak la seramai kat putrajaya kot..hehehehe

    • tak ramai kot. akak pergi kat wangsa maju hari tu, penuh sesak!

  • very informative kak. :)

    • thank you, bain :D

  • nice blog… have a view of my blog when free.. .. do leave me some comment / guide if can.. if interested can follow my blog…

    • thanks. i will.

  • Thanks for sharing this! Passport saya dah mati, tapi nak tau jugak kalau2 kena blacklist ke apa kan. Dah semak tadi, nampaknya ‘tiada halangan':). Boleh la renew pasni kalau ada niat nak ke luar negara

    • you’re welcome, ihsan. alhamdulillah tiada halangan…kalau ada halangan susah nak melancong.

  • Thanks for sharing, good info. I share your links at my FB too.

    • sure, lily! thanks for spreading the info.

  • Great tips Emila.. really handy!!
    Thanks sweetie and have a great time in Korea!

    • Oh Wangsa Maju also get make passport? Kat mana eh?

      • got, lj, dekat wisma rampai.

    • you’re welcome. lj! i will!

  • Saya tak boleh buat passport, PTPTN punya pasal…

  • boleh saya tau kalau buat passport baru kena berapa lama untuk dapat passport tu ? lama ke ?

    • sama je prosesnya, satu jam. kalau buat kat wangsa maju, lebih kurang dua jam. kalau nak satu jam, kena pergi putrajaya.

  • Salam,
    Kalau saya buat passport kat KL
    Tapi nak renew kat branch lain bleh x?

    • Salam kembali. Passport boleh diperbaharui dimana-mana kaunter Imigresen dengan syarat semua dokumen yang diperlukan dibawa bersama termasuk passport lama.

  • Credit card?

    • Mirul, can you post a complete question?

  • Hello,

    Thank you for sharing this info. I was wonedering whether my pasport number will change when i renew my pasport. Any idea? could you please kindly comment on this? if possible to my email :

    Thank you.

    • Yes, you will have a new passport number. The have ready stock of passport booklets with number already imprinted on it, so it is impossible to transfer the old number from old passport to new number. Your old passport will be cut at the corners and you got to keep it.

  • i see. Thank you for your prompt feedback. I have a UK Visa in my current pasport that valid until 2016. Will this be affected in any way once i renew my pasport?

    Thank you Emila.

    • Hmmm, this I have no idea. I tried to call IM to verify this matter but there’s nobody picking up the phone. Will try and ask my friends. Anyway, you can call this number: Talian Khidmat Pelanggan: 1800-22-1777 during office hour. I will post the answer here soon as I also like to know what to do if I am in the same situation.

    • Ok, lucky I got thru, Phew. The officer said, they will cut the passport but not the one with the VISA page. So, you can still use the visa from the old passport. But please also verify with British High Comm: (+60) (3) 2170 2200

  • Thank you emila. You have been very helpful.

  • Tiada halangan … but i tot i am .. :-P
    But I need to find out too.. if i intend to stay at certain country but I havent find any work there…how, if you could advise me .. i never been out of malaysia…so, mmg tak tahu, what it takes ..

    • Salam Umi. Hehehe I don’t really know about working visa. Perhaps you can call Immigration Department and ask them.

  • Thank you for the information… I am living in Japan and had applied for new passports at the Tokyo Embassy for several occasions… but now they are telling me that it takes about 3-4 months to process the passport… looks like I will have to return to Msia just to get a new passport…

    • You are welcome, Lrong. I guess so because it’ll be a whole lot easier to get a new passport. But the cost of travelling back is not cheap.

  • Hi, I have some question about passport and visa…
    My passport going to expire on 26july2013, with my france visa expire on 1july2013. I planning to renew my passport on this October when i return to malaysia for a week . ( I’m not planning to come back in coming 2 years after this return. So is france visa attach in old passport still can be use with my new passport? How about passport number change after renewal? The visa gt printed passport number.Will this visa still can use?? Thanks

    • Hi Ying, I think your case is the same as Radzuwan (refer above). Immigration will cut the passport but not the one with the VISA page. So, you can still use the visa from the old passport. New passport with new number will be issued, you cannot keep the old number.

      But please clarify with the Immigration Dept when you come back to renew your passport.

  • Hey emila, just a question here. I was robbed (and nearly carjacked) a couple of weeks ago, during which I lost my passport, which I foolishly kept in my laptop bag, having just returned from overseas. I read your post above about the 3-4 months taken for one’s lost passport to be replaced, and this worries me because I’m going overseas in a week’s time.
    Is it possible if I simply make a new passport altogether, rather than waiting for 3-4 months to get my previous passport replaced? hmm pretty worried here!


    • Have you made police report? You need to bring the police report in order to make a new passport. I haven’t had the experience losing my passport but according to Immigration Department, that is the frame of time taken. What you can do is, go to the nearest Immigration department and ask from the officer at the counter whether you can appeal to have your passport made in short time.

  • to apply a new passport do we need birth certificate??i hv a copy the original is in my home town >>

    • You just need to bring your IC and a copy of the IC. Birth certificate is for children who do not have MyKid.

      • thanks alot

  • About passport I am happy my bro renew for my mom, hope she can go vacation soon

  • How to check if the passport is ready for collection? any link??

    • I am not sure because I have never applied online. Best thing is give them a call.

  • Dear Emila,

    I have a question here. My passport is expiring in June 2017 (I know it’s a long long way from now haha) for some reason I would like to renew it. I am currently studying overseas and made a few visits home without my parents permission. Thus?i would love to renew it when I return home soon before my family and I going to China during christmas period end of this year.

    Is it possible that I can renew my passport in such condition my expiry date is 4 years plus from now?

    Thanks ya.

    Kind regards,

    • It is possible but why you want to renew when the due date in 2017? Oh you mean you don’t want to your parents to find out, is it? It is possible. But let me check with immigration department tomorrow (Monday) and let you know later.

      • Hi Emila, I was wondering if you did check with the Imigration Department if we can renew our Malaysia passport 4 years before it expiry

        • Let me call tomorrow and check. You can call also using their number I posted above.

  • hi, i never hv a passport before. hahaha.. i’ll be travelling to indonesia on may 2013. so, i guess, i’ll need a passport then. i’m thinking of making mine on january 2013. i would like to ask for the fee. the fee now still rm100 for 2 years?

    • Yes, same fee.

  • Wah, reading this entry is a wake up call for me!!!

  • Baru perasan, my passport is expired few months back!

  • saya nak tanya,,,saya di egypt skg ni,,passport saya akan mati 9november2012..dan tarikh flight sy pada 5november 2012,,,beberapa lagi pasport akan mati,,,sy cume nak tye,,,ade masalah tak sekiranya sy balk dlm keadaan passport sy nak mati beberapa hari lagi?

    saya skg ni tgh dilema sgt2….kdg2 saya fikir perlu ke buat untuk passport emergeny dlm pd masa yg sama passport sy dh nak mati,,,saya pun baru tahu tentang perkara ni…

    • So you akan sampai on the 6th or 7th right? No problem at all, kalau you datang on the 9th pun ok. One day siap.

  • I am now staying in Egypt and wish to travel to France in December 2012. My passport expires may 2013. Can I travel or do I need to renew my passport first? If to renew, how can I do it from here?

    • I am not sure Fifi. But most likely you have to come back here to renew because you have less than a year there. Have you inquiry with the Malaysia Embasssy on how to go about it? If you can do it online, I think it will take time also for them to get your old passport before sending your new one.

  • Can my husband renew my passport without my presence at Malaysia Immigration?

    • No. You have to be present because they need your thumb prints.

  • Emila, i got a question here ……
    I haven renew my ic, so can i renew my passport ? …

    • Do you still have those blue old IC?

  • thanks for the info and i have checked my status and im clear..btw just wanna ask when i was kid i had a passport and its expired already..if im applying it now what category would i be? NEW or RENEW? do i have to bring along the old possport?

    • It will be under RENEW category. You have to surrender the old one regardless your age in your first passport.

  • Hi Emila,
    I apply passport in 2004 and i just relise my passport missing/misplaced and the same time it’s already expired.
    Please advise whether i’m eligible for apply again?do i need to lodging police report before apply new passport?
    Please advise…If long the processing will go on?

    • Yes, your passport will be treated as active and you need to surrender the old one. Since you misplaced it, you need to file for a missing passport with the police. Bring the report to the Immigration counter and you will be given a form to fill in. However, the form will be sent to HQ in Putrajaya for further action. Takes 4 months.

  • Emila, you said that if I were to apply, I would only need to bring my IC and two passport photos. I am below 18, and I have read it at the online renewing passport website, and it states there that I have to provide my birth certificate. I lost my birth certificate and I am below 18. How do I do this?

    • Oh that means you are considered under children? You need to lodge a police report first. Later bring the report to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara. If you go to the Wangsa Maju branch, the Immigration and Pendaftaran are just beside each other. Else you go to the branch near to you. Bring your parents to be on the safe side.

      • Thank you Emila ;)

  • Hi Kak Emila your site is Awesome :D ! Kak i lost my expired passport while shifting house so that means after police report dan apply kat imigresen still kena tunggu 3-4 bulan kot???

    • Yes, you have to wait that long sebab the case falls under missing passport juga. But I think you boleh buat rayuan. Do enquire at the counter when you go nanti.

      Thanks for visiting my blog :)

      • thanks so much Kak, i really appreciate your reply and may God Bless You and Your Beloved Family selalu dalam keadaan sihat dan selamat :D

  • Hi,Im Kay Choo from Kuala Lumpur.I wish to know if i hold MyPR kad isnt can apply passport to go travel??

  • Thanks^^

  • Hi kAk, my passport going to be expired sept 2014 and am planning to travel this month for 6 month or more, is it possible for me to renew my passport now?

    • Yes of course but you still have 1 year plus, rugi like that.

  • Pls do let me know.. Thank you.

  • Ok thank you so much.. It just that I don’t know when I get back, so I wanted to renew it early by this month..

  • Hi Kak,i am malaysian,wife is thai,baby born in thailand,can i apply both country passport?

    • Only you can apply, unless they already have Malaysian citizenship, they can apply too.

  • i mean can i apply both country passport for my baby?any problem when i travel back to malaysia?which passport to show?

    • Hmm..I am not sure about this. Can you contact Malaysia Immigration Department? The number to call is: Talian Khidmat Pelanggan: 1800-22-1777 during office hour.

  • Hi Ila,

    you were saying if blaclist mean tak blh apply.. maksud you blacklist yg cm ne tu… blh terangkan… mcm ne lak dgn credit card?

    • Hi Juwita, blacklist from tak bayar loan PTPTN or income tax or bank loan even credit card. Check to see whether your name is clear; do the #1 step.

  • hi all,here we wife is an indonesian,she left her pasport at previous company where she was working.i need your help that i need to sent her back to home town but,i dont have any idea to get pasport.i was looking for genuine agent but,i did not better to go online and find out legimate process.if anybody hav knowladge about this pls text me call me or e mail to me pls.thank you..
    0174940070 e-mail

  • Hi, I lost my passport when I travel to London and currently i’m a student study in Bristol. Do they need original birth cert when i apply for replacement passport? or just show them original IC only? I have already made a police report since the day i lost my passport. how about the visa? do they help me to renew aslo?

  • Hi, i wanna ask, apply passport only need IC? no need show birth certificate?

    • Only bring BC if you are below 18.

  • Hi, my friend she is borned at Sabah but stay at kl after she is borned.. Just now she went to get a new passport (she never have a passport before), they said that she must bring along her birth certificate. But she left her birth certificate at Sabah and we gonna go Thailand on this Friday.. So could u teach what can we do right now?

    • Ok, maybe you can report for a missing BC. Take that to the Jabatan Pendaftaran and request for a new one. You can collect it the next day. Go to Putrajaya HQ for faster process.

  • Hi, saya akan travel ke indonesia hujung bulan depan. Saya belum pernah ada passport lagi. Macam mana ye? Sempat lagi ke untuk saya apply passport baru? Rasa2 ada masalah tak bila nak travel nanti?

    • Sempat. Passport siap dalam masa sejam sahaja.

    • You kena check whether you di blacklist atau tidak. Buat step #1 di atas.

      • Saya dah check tiada halangan. Jadi kalau saya sudah ada passport, bila2 masa saja saya boleh travel?

        • Ya betul!

  • Hi would like to know is it true if we are travelling in a group tour we can apply under 1 passport?If its true then how many persons under 1 passport and how much?need an answer ASAP.TQ

    • Hi Ann, I actually never heard of a group passport. You have to refer to Immigration about this. All I know, every Malaysian has to have passport on their own even for a baby (previously it can be in one of the parents’ passport). Maybe what you meant is the visa?

  • last 2 years buat passport, bayar rm100. pas tuh travel overseas nye sekali jer hahaha

    • Hehe ok la tu.

  • my passport is nearly expire, but there’s still a lot of unused page, in this case do i need to get a new book or just extend the expiry date (if possible).

    • They will give a new one with new number even though there are still a lot of unused pages.

  • Hello Emila,

    Do I have to attend any interview when i apply for my Malaysian passport for the first time? Do they take finger prints during this meet?

    • There will be no interview and they will take finger prints; new or renew. So bring your wet tissues.

      • Thanx for your swift reply Emila. Your link for Online Passport is broken, can you please check. Can first time new passport applications be made online as well? Also what is the turn around time for delivery of a new passport?

        • Not sure. Can you call them at 03-8000 8000. I applied over the counter.

  • I mean a NEW passport.

  • I have a question.There is a slight mistake of my address on my passport. Can i still travel using it or do it need to make new passport? Any charges? Thanks.

    • I am not sure about this but address is a reference if anything happens. If wrong address, very hard for them to get in touch with your family.

      • Hmmm, thanks anyway Emila .

  • Thnxs alot … lg satu kak, tak lama lg i akn gi Beijing utk conference. Skrg nie masalah besar i xde International passport lg. So kalo i gi daftar utk 1thnnye harge dlm RM100 and blh siap dlm mase 1 hr je ke? mne2 branch ke?Nearest in KL which one ye? Smoga Kak Ila sht selalu.

    • Juwita, RM100 tu untuk 2 tahun. Dan jangan risau, boleh siap dalam masa satu jam sahaja. Dulu ya satu minggu baru siap tapi sekrang satu jam sahaja. Paling lama pun 2 jam kalau terlalu ramai orang. But make sure semuanya lengkap seperti yang Kak Emila nyatakan di atas. Kalau di KL, ada dua cawangan: Wangsa Maju dan Pudu Sentral.

  • It’s useful info for me hope someday got money to go vacation with family.

  • Talking of passport my bro asked dad to renew my mom passport .. Maybe they going vacation this or next year.

  • my passport is still valid for 6months and i want to renew here in kl.can i use new signature with my new passport?im not married that i have new family name, i just want to change my signature, is it possible? i have philippine passport

    • I am not sure about this, sorry.

      • thanks anyway,Emila

        • Sorry, I could not be much help.

  • My eldest bro plan to go China next year visit his mom in law with twins gal. The twins no passport yet.

  • my plan on march goin to france.maybe i stay long,I would like to ask if my passport still valid until Oct 2013 can I renew early? Because I will like upgrade it to 5 year.thanks

    • Yes, you can renew early but they won’t add the months left in your passport i.e. if you renew today, the date on the passport will start today, not October.

  • Hi Ms Emila

    I have some question since you have lots of experience in Traveling.
    I will be traveling to Sydney, Australia in May this year 2013. My passport will be expires end of Oct 2013.
    on that period do I still allowed to travel? or can I
    go to renew my passport earlier before the expires date on 29 Oct?
    Hope to hear from you.


    • You have to renew because you need to have at least 1 year validity.

  • ms philippine passport holder with visa maid,nw i just want to ask u,i want to be jam by my bf so what should we do,with out getting married and we want to change my employer name..thankz

    • Hi Miss Gen, I am sorry that I cannot answer that. You have to refer to the Immigration department.

  • Hi Kak Emila,

    I checked my passport status online & it says “Sila rujuk ke jabatan imigresen terdekat”. Does this mean it’s blacklisted? I have been residing overseas for the last 4 years now. Will I still be able to renew my passport?? What is happening?!

  • Dear Kak Emila,

    I checked my passport status online & it says “Sila rujuk ke jabatan imigresen terdekat”. Does this mean the passport is blacklisted?

    I have been living overseas for the past 4 years now. My passport will be due for renewal soon. Does this mean I can’t renew it?

    Lastly, will the embassy be able to give me more details on my passport status?

    • Hi, it looks like it. Yes, I think the embassy can help with that.

  • My friend’s passport gets retained by Malaysia Immigration upon returned from UK, for the reason of being overstayed due to overlook the expiry date. Now he has a problem of leaving Malaysia abroad as he is appointed to go on a business trip to China. Is there any ideas to get the problem solved? (Prior on that, several attempts been taken , appeal letter, guarantee letter from lawyer firm, sponsorship letter from China partner, assurance letter from the employed company)

    • This is a serious matter. He should go and make appointment with Immigration officer to settle this problem. Bring all relevant documents. Or perhaps call first to ask whether he has to go to the HQ or any branch nearby. The number to call is on my posting above.

  • Hi Emila, my passport expired two months ago. Can I still renew it now?

    • Yes, you can still renew.

  • Hi, Emila .I want to ask that if my passport expired on the day I comeback from other country ,do I need to renew my passport?

    • HI Miki, I am not sure about this issue. can you call the number on my article above to verify with Malaysia Immigration department?

  • Hi emila, is there a new requirement for passport photo. Can we still use photo with blue background or do we need a white background for renewal? What is a polycarbonate passport ?Thanks

    • I am not sure. I renewed my passport last year around August and the requirement is still the same that time. Light blue for the background, I think this is standard regardless of renewal or not.

      Polycarbonate is “non-delaminable” and the many layers of materials make the ID documents fused into a single solid card.
      It is added to ID page layers to add security to make it difficult for the Malaysian passport to be forged.

  • hi renewing my passport tmro and found the info given are very useful especially the blacklist link. thanks u! :)

    • You are welcome!

  • Was wondering …. how do you get into the black list? A normal citizen don’t have to worry about this kind of things right?

    • Blacklisted people are those who have problems with credit cards, PTPTN loans, bank loans as well as income tax. One has to make sure they are clean from these.

  • can i know i am a sarawakian. can I renew the passport at selangor that I previously also made at sarawak?

    • Yes you can, Spencer.

  • Im sarawakian in new Zealand and im just lost my passport…can I going back to malaysia without my passport… I dont have time to wait 3 month for a new passport..can I just go back

    • No. In order to travel from one country to another, one has to have his passport. Without it, one cannot leave the country. This is basic law in immigration law. Go make new passport even if you have to wait for 3 months or else you will face a detention.

  • May i ask is there a rule in Malaysia Imigresen stating that Malaysian citizenship cannot travel out of the country for 3 years if he overstayed in other country?

    • This I dunno, can you verify from them? The number to call is at the last para above.

  • Hello Emila,
    My passport expiry date is at 1 December 2013 but I need to go to Thailand at 24 may 2013 for a few days .Would they allowed me?because it is almost 6 months before the expiry date.
    and if I overstay for a day or be back on 1 June which is against the 6 months validity rule ,can I still be back? because I’m travelling alone and I don’t want any trouble but I don’t want to renew passport so soon . Hope to hear from you Asap .


    • My understanding is that you have to have the passport valid for 6 months prior leaving Malaysia and also from any other countries to come back to Malaysia. Better you renew now to avoid problems later.

  • Hi, emilia. I wanted to know if I’m going to a program in Europe country, my passport validity not more than 6months. Do I need to renew my passport? Depart on 16th of July coming back to Malaysia on 8th of September but passport expired on 4th of January 2014. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

    • Yes, you need to renew.

  • im a sarawakian and i want to renew my passport in putrajaya. Will it takes 1 hour also for me? because i heard sarawakian/sabahan needs at least 5 days?

    • I am sorry, I don’t know about this. Can you call them up? In Putrajaya, only 1 hour.

  • Some immigration departments do open on Saturday and Sunday, but , it stated “passport processing only”. What does that mean?

    • All the departments throughout Malaysia is having system-upgrade. So Instead 1 hour or 1 day, they currently process for 2 or 3 days. So, that is the day you collect your passport.

  • Hi Emilia. Harnizah sini. I found out your site is super informative. I have a question. My passport is expired this 16.4.3013 but I going to Australia this 2.8.2012. Do I need renew my passport? Coz I almost doing it Tp I terbace yg klo nk renew pad port kena maximum 6 month b4 expired bru bole renew. Now I’m confuse.

  • Sorry emails. About my expired on 16.4.2014. But I’ll travel to Oz on 2.8.2013 ( mimpi lg tahun 2012) huhu

    • You have 8 months there. To be on the safe side, you can just renew. Some countries can accept 8 months, some cannot. To be sure, just call the number above, on the last paragraph.

  • Perfect information! ! Love it. Thanks emilia

    • No problem, Isabelle!

  • Hi Emila.
    How much need to pay for MyPR?
    Can get the passport in 1 hour?

    • Hi Sean, I am not sure about MyPR but for a new MyKad, it is RM10. It will be probably of the same rate but do enquire from the counter at JPN. As for passport, Malaysians can get in an hour and again I am not sure for resident with PR status. Please enquire from the IMM counter.

  • Hi Emilia,
    Good day 2u. When applying for kids below 12, does it mean the kid is still below 12 until he has his birthday?

    • Yes, below 12 is below his birthday.

  • hi…

    i want ask.. my passport expired in dec’2015
    but the photo look different from me, so i want ask, can i renew my passport now feb’14?
    if cant, will i have problem when i go through immigration?

    • You can renew it anytime you want. But you won’t get to carry forward the balance.

  • My son have his 1st passport during 1 year old and now he is 4 year old. The photo on the passport is totally different from himself now and the passport have 11 months to it expiry date. He will be traveling with us to Korea, should we renew his passport due to the photo different from him now or wait until expire?

    • I am not sure, Leong. You should enquire from Immigration Department about the matter.

  • Keputusan semakan:
    Tiada halangan
    Status: Sah pada waktu dan tarikh semakan dibuat.
    yeayy dah checked.. tq kak em

  • Hi Emila,
    I’m a student who will be going to the UK in September. I will be applying for my visa in July and from what I know, they will be keeping my passport as well during the application process which can take up to a month. However , I wish to travel to another country in that same period. Is it possible for the immigration to provide me a temporary passport or any document of some sort to allow me to travel without my current passport? Please advice on this. Thank you! :)

    • I don’t think there’s such thing as temporary passport. Re-schedule your trip.

  • Once we can renew the passport, means we are not blacklisted, right?
    Is it guaranteed that we can go abroad?

    Is there any case where passport can be renewed, but got held by the airport immigration due to blacklist.?

    • I am not sure. Please contact Immigration Department.

  • Hye emila. Just wanna ask, does the presence of my parents are compulsory if i wanna make a new passport? Im above 18. Really appreciate if you can answer me asap cause ill be travelling next week. ????

    • If you are above 18, no need.

      • How come they told me to get my birth certificate and parents photocopy????? No fair and im 21

        • I dunno. According to their website, 18 above is considered adult.

  • Harga passport utk kanan2 bwh 5 thn pun sama ke dng org dreads, contoh RM100 utk 2 thn

  • How long does it takes to make a new passport? It was my first time making 1 and i know the requirement but i only need to know how long the working days, cuz i only have 9 days left to travel overseas… Please reply thanks

    • 1 hour by default. Make it two hours if there’s a lot of people. 5 working days for Sabahan and Sarawakia.

  • Emila can i ask something this 22 sept i will make a new passport but im from sabah they said that it will takes 5 days processing and my flight is 27 sept will i recieve it on 26? Or is there another fastest way to get it earlier? Please reply as soon as possible thank you

    • Edmando, replied through FB.

  • My kid below 18, is birth cert required if only bring mykid and current expired passport for renewal?

    • Yes, you must bring both MyKid and birth cert.

  • i have apply pass port on year 2004 & it;s expaired on 2005,between this period i only use pass to next counrty tailand ( Hupyai ) can i reply new ?

  • Passport photo taken on the spot when your number is called. It is a digital photo, you do not need to bring your own photo and it is not chargeable.

  • hai sis. my sister study oversea last year and her passport will expired on 24/12/2014, but her flight to malaysia is on 18 or 19 dec 2014. can she come back or what? im still not understand about 6 months validity. is it the same travel from malaysia to oversea and vice versa?

  • Hai good evening. I’m overstayed at Australia for 5 months. But i come back before my passport expired. Now i get offer from new zealand for job legallly. My passport expired last week. can i renew passport? any penalty?

    • Hi, you can just renew your passport. No penalty.

  • Hey Good Evening,
    I will be going to NZ to further my study next year and I have a student visa. Unfortunately, my passport expires in Jan 2016 so obviously I would have to renew my passport whilst I am in NZ Which will take approx 2-3 months. Can I know, if I can apply for a new passport now, before going to NZ. Meaning I will not have to renew my passport later in 2015 whilst im studying due to the application length.

    • Salam. Yes, you can renew now but the remaining validity cannot be added to the new passport.

  • hi Emila, good day.

    would like to ask, do you know if a new passport application their age is under 21 years old, does they need their parent or guidance to go together?

  • Hi emilia

    I stay at oversea ,I just get message last month that I am bankruptcy with malaysian government. My malaysia passport still valid for 4 years.

    My questions is, now I at vietnam working there, If i want to go to Japan or other country with the passport, any restriction to the bankrupt malaysia people passing other country.

    What I notice if the bankrupt person in Malaysia are not allow passing Malaysia, But now I at vietnam can I go to other country , Is there any restrictions to other country?

  • Hi Emila,

    My friend will be visiting China in March 2015 and is planning to apply for a visa first since the Chinese consular office will be close for the Chinese New Year period and visa application needs about 4 working days to process. He also found out that his passport will be expiring in Sept this year 2015, presently there is about 7 months validity. The question is should we renew the passport first before applying for the visa or apply for the visa first then only renew the passport?
    But if we take the 2nd option, the visa is in the old passport before renewal then will he face problem when he travels with the renewed passport later on? Looking forward to your advice, thanks.

  • hi Emila, greetings,

    Could i pls check with you, as my case is a bit complicating, i am Malaysian married to to a singaporean and residing there, I was a director of a company which closed down due to downfall of business, and well there are some income tax issues i need to clear. i dont dare come to malaysia as they will probably not allow me to come back to singapore and i have kids and my son 7yrs who is type 2 diabetic. my question now is my malaysian passport expired on 10th aug 2014 and it has been almost 6 months i am in singapore bascially illegal. i have applied for singapore citizenship last april 2014 which the status is unknown still, probably i have am going to some bankruptcy issues as failure of business in singapore too. What is your advise as i need to travel to malaysia to visit my sick mum. will i be charged for overstaying in singpaore??? Pls adise. Thank you God Bless.

  • I want to ask my passport expire in this year aug. mar i can i go out need to renew.

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