Top 7 things a Malaysian need to know before applying for Passport Malaysia

My husband and I went to Immigration Department at Wangsa Maju branch on Monday to renew our passport and we’re so happy that the process went smooth. Prior to applying, my husband was worried that his name was blacklisted. I told him if he’s not doing anything wrong with the Police or Income Tax Dept or PTPTN, he should be OK. Anyway, I searched the net on how to get information on blacklisted traveler and was happy to find out that we can check the status online.

I gather these tips to share with you:

1. Check your travel status

2. Applying for new passport

  • You need to bring 2 recent identical photographs taken in front of plain white or off-white background and you should wear dark coloured clothing covering shoulders and chest (as white is the background). Alternately, the immigration department offers photo service, you need not worry to much about photo. They have scarfs and jackets available there in the photobooth.
  • You need to bring your MyKad.
  • For children, adopted children, etc, please read full requirements here: Malaysia International Passport.

3. Renewing passport

  • Only bring your MyKad  and passport. You do not have to make copies of these documents, and there is no need to take passport photos. Your passport photo will be taken at the counter when your number is called.

4. Lost Passport

  • If it’s missing or lost, you have to lodge a police report and bring the report when applying for a new one. Don’t forget to make a copy for their record. Please take note that application for replacement of lost passport will be sent to Immigration Department Headquarters, Putrajaya Malaysia for decision/process which will take approximately 3-4 months.

5. Waiting hours

  • Effective from 11 May 2010, Malaysia international passport applications will be processed within an hour after payment is made. Please bear in mind that, the waiting for your number to be called is about one hour also depending on the crowd. So, expect two hours.

6. Passport Fees

  • Fees are as per below:
    RM200.00 for 5 years
  • Special Fees
    RM100.00 for 5 years
    [Eligibility for special Fees: Children below 12 years old or student below 21 years old with proof to study abroad on the day submission and Haj pilgrims.]
  • Exemption of payment
    Exemption of payment is given to the handicap or disable person on the condition that they produce a letter from the Welfare Department.

7. Passport validity

  • Your passport must be valid for more than six months – or to be on the safe side – one year. I went to renew my passport after an Immigration officer told me that I cannot travel on a passport with only 6 months validity.


Note: I am just giving tips of what you need to apply, for other enquiries, please contact Immigration Department: 03-8000 8000 or visit their website: Immigration Malaysia

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You’re my heart, you’re my Seoul…

I am currently researching the best place in Seoul to visit.

seoul map

Places of interest that are on my list include Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace, Biwon, the Secret Garden, Insadong, Hangang River and many more. I listed some of the best place according to my sketching and enjoying nature interest in iMasTravel page but I am really up to more places if time permits because I don’t really want to be a tourist, I want to be a traveler.

The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see. ~Gilbert K. Chesterton

Anyway, the title reminds me of this song, one of my favourite songs during the 80s:


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