7 ways to be a great storyteller for children

So how do you win over an audience of children?

I observed how TV Host/Singer, Sarimah Ibrahim telling a story in a storytelling session on May 7, 2011 during the Picture Book Week in Bangsar, and from the session, I can point out 7 simple ways to be a great storyteller:

  1. Be confident and just be yourself.
  2. Choose a good, interesting and fun story.
  3. Act the story out with different voice tones and facial expressions.
  4. Tell it in your own words. Just remember few lines and let them come out differently.
  5. Engage your audience in the story.
  6. Speak clearly and loudly.
  7. Have fun!

See Sarimah Ibrahim telling story in the video below. She has a way with children and oh, adults too, particularly an adult who was capturing the video. Haha.

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Busy body

What makes a busy body ?

My own definition of busy body is when:

  • the left hand is  trying to help the right one to draw something on the laptop; using both mouse and tablet pen respectively,
  • both legs are shaking while doing the above; of which will drag the body to shake along,
  • the eyes are staring at the monitor while stealing sight of the rain outside the window,
  • the ears are occupied with great instrumental music,
  • the mouth is munching something and..
  • the nose is trying hard to figure what’s that stinky smell on the air (the garbage lorry just passed by).

But of course, there is another kind of busybody, which I am also good at. LOL.

Ah well, I have been busy drawing, drawing and drawing.  I am not complaining but enjoying every minute of it! Here’s two for my entries at iMastravel page @ Yahoo! Travel Malaysia.

Am working on few headers, a canvas painting for SIL, flower paintings for upcoming exhibition, sketches for sketchbook project 2011,  preliminary sketches for my 2nd pictures book, illos for another book and many more. Not to leave behind blogging and updating my photos gallery and  flickr.

Will post more drawings soon!


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