271 Picasso’s paintings discovered

I have subscribed to the feed of The Telegraph (online) recently following the wedding of Prince William & Kate Middleton and from time to time, I go and read interesting news. And today, I just read about the discovery of Picasso’s paintings. Very interesting.

source of picture and news: The Telegraph

According to The Telegraph, the paintings were found in the possession of Pierre Le Guenneca, a retired odd job man and electrician. But pity him, he was suspected of stealing them paintings. During questioning, Mr Le Guennec said he was given the works after installing alarm systems at three of the artist’s Riviera homes in the three years until his death in 1973 — La Californie, the villa he bought in Cannes in 1955, his chateau de Vauvenargues and Notre-Dame-de-Vie, the farmhouse in Mougins where he died.

Picasso’s heir did not believe the story and said that his father was reluctant to gave away any works, obsessively kept everything and forbade people to enter his studio.

So… were they stolen or given?

In my opinion, I think the old man might be telling the truth. As a struggling artist, I know how hard it is to make ends meet by selling paintings. If I can trade paintings with things I need, I would. Even if it takes 271 of them.

And of course, I will forbid people to enter my studio because it is not a safe place to be, other than the painter him/herself. I tend to leave paints, tubes, brushes, water container all over the place. I remember things just where I placed them last. Having guests would mean that I have to clean the studio. And I hate doing that.

What is your thought on this matter? I want to know.

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Mybook, “My Mother’s Garden” is a treasure of flowers, bees, dragonflies and butterflies. Learn the names of some tropical flowers and plants at the back of the book where they are listed in their English and Bahasa Malaysia common names and scientific names.

An ideal book for reading aloud and for playing ‘I spy’ in the outdoors as the child learns to recognise plants featured in the book!

Here’s one of the colourful spread.

i love dancing....

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Rejected book cover

So, it got rejected. ;P

rejected book cover

Working on new one; vector and abstract illo. The person who commissioned me wants me to make one without character; preferably trees and landmarks. This would be easier if description is given to me in advance. No, no, I am not fretting. I’m not a good art director, you see. You need to tell me what you want, so that I can draw accordingly. You be the art director and I’ll be the illustrator. In my case with this one, I illustrated based on the synopsis given, not knowing most of the significant parts of the story.

But I take this as a challenge. Am working on a new illo for the cover.

Here’s the larger version of the cover Anyone up to this cover? Let me know.


graphite based drawing, coloring was done in Photoshop.



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