I say love it is a flower…

…and that reminds you of Bette Midler’s The Rose, right?

Ok, I have been so caught up in the Mas Traveller contest that I haven’t post anything creative. I am actually working on 10 paintings for a group exhibition in July 2011. Am working on various size and media and I am taking this chance to test my skill on larger canvas. Normally my standard size is 12″x12″ or A3. I plan to go for 30″ x 40″…urm boleh ke?

The theme is Rose.

Still putting layers of watercolor to it. Will post once I finished, 60% done.

OK…so…(the Tori Amos Way), have you voted for Kak Emila? Haha, what can I say. I’m not a quitter. You can vote for me here: OF VONGOLE AND CAFE LATTE by clicking the LIKE button at the end of my very long post. Thanks a million and I love you for that.

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  1. hi! new reader here! i think i wanna follow ur blog now coz ur so talented and you love Tori Amos! fyi, ur the only malaysian person i know who loves Tori Amos yayyyy !

    so..salam perkenalan!

    1. yay! my brother likes tori amos also you know! great to know you. drop by often ya….

      “Never was a cornflake girl, thought that was a good solution hanging with the raisin girls….”

  2. haha great i know 2 ppl then! ok i bookmarked ur blog ady 🙂
    *sing along*
    “…she’s gone to the other side, givin us a yo heave ho….”

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