Jingle for me by Namz!

Yayyyyyyy! A jingle for me from NAMZ. I looooove it! I am going to use it for my next video.

Thank you so much Namz!

Namz is a musician and he blogs about Guitars and Technology. Namz also provides IT services such as System Maintenance and Web Development. Do check out his cool blog ya.

Thanks again, Namz (A)!

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  1. kakak, i am your silent reader previously…heheh=)
    suke sangat tgk your drawings bcoz saya minat art jugak since kecik, tp turn up jd lain bila da besar ni…BTW, betul cakap SBC ni…the jingle is so comel and it suits you well..continue sketching and doodling ya!

    1. ailyqairy, thank you for leaving a comment. kalau minat ada, bagus tu, boleh ailyqairy lukis secara suka-suka. thank you, akak pun rasa jingle ni sgt comel.

  2. Aikss…? La cek guna sungguh na? Ok I’m glad that you like it 🙂

    But it can be better visually, send me the original pics with watermark and all. Alang² choose all the best that you’d like to include as your portflolio I’ll re-do em later ya.

      1. Ok boleh.

        OK before hampa semua puji lebih², I have to say that the song is not mine. It’s a royalty free. I just put the images and music together. I felt that the music sorts of compliments Emila’s work 🙂 A slight of blues but in a jazzy groove! I have “EM Dolls” dancing to the tune in my head. :p Kalau nak original work kena tunggu la sat.

        I’ll have to bring home my keyboard than hehehe….. this is gonna be fun!

  3. hi emila.. suka sangat tgk design awak yg cute miut ni.. boleh saya tau awak buat tak blog makeover utk wordpress platform.. interested sgt.. kalau boleh email me ya (da try send email through contact u.. tp takde reply dr last week) hikss.. excited… anyway thank u

    1. Sure thing LJ. But only if you dance to the tune ;p

      Aiks..teringat la pulak kat Tina Charles ~ Dance little lady dance….
      Hmmm….ok next music monday!

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